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Leaving The Scene
# 1 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 20:59
When searching to see if there is a thread on leaving the scene, I noticed there isn't, even though there are plenty of threads on the scene, generally.

So here it is.

Have you left the scene or thinking about it?

I've seen plenty of people leave the scene.

any experiences here you care to share?

Or is the scene still a part of your life?
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# 2 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 21:04
What do you class as "the scene" Intrepid? I think it can mean different things to different people.
# 3 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 21:08
Yes, it can mean so many different things, so it can mean whatever it means to you.
# 4 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 21:08
Have to say it's not like the scene is some sort of club you leave. I think most people would go through phases of going out to the usual pubs/clubs or avoiding them, but not going to the george every sunday for bingo isn't exactly leaving the scene for ever and ever.
# 5 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 21:12
I agree Notnew, I don't think you can just leave the gay scene. I wouldn't go to gay bars every week, but I still feel part of the gay community. For some people the gay scene is restricted to pubs, while for others it can be getting involved in gay groups and organisations.
# 6 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 21:14
For me, I think there is a difference between the gay community and the gay scene.
# 7 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 21:16
Someone said :
I agree Notnew, I don't think you can just leave the gay scene...

So that's why they call it the League of Gentlemen.
# 8 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 01:37
When I was a film extra and had to leave the scene,I would do it in such a dramatic fashion that it would often take my breath away.
# 9 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 08:13
I can see where Intrepid draws a line between scene and community.
I suppose that scene relates to sociolizing places primarily designated or recognized as gay dating and cruising prone.
Everyone can clearly identify these placed, online or offline, by imaginarily removing the crowd seeking sex and/or relationships and seeing that what is left would not sustain these places. They are not 100% of the patronage but they are the reason they still exist.
# 10 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 09:26
To be honest only part of gay community I know and probs majority of people in Ireland is the gay pubs. I stopped going to gay pubs for a while might have made more isolated from other gay people. I think it's very hard to make new friends who happen to be gay, apart from here all other web sites seemed to geared towards sex, and I don't think gay pubs are as friendly as straight bars. Hence I don't feel part of gay community in Ireland, only have three gay friends in Dublin.
# 11 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 11:33
I understand what the OP is saying.

I leave and reenter the social gay scene generally dependent on my relationship status.

The scene can be very insidious. I have found that there is not a huge amount of respect afforded to "attached" people. Frequently women have come onto me when I am out WITH my partner. Frankly I find that disgusting.

But needs must so I tend to certainly frequent the scene more when I am of single status and on the hunt for the next poor unfortunate who shall have to endure me for the duration of my non single episodes.
# 12 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 12:42
yea its deffo good to retire from the gay social scene every now and then. and then come back in full of newfound gayness. its the ones that come out and then go back in for awhile, i'd be more worried about though. their worse then born again virgins
# 13 : Saturday 22-10-2011 @ 15:44
I suppose the scene becomes less of a feature of people's life as:
- they grow older
- they start concentrating on family as opposed to friends
- they get in a relationship
- society is now fully accepting the validity of our relationships, so they do not need to be confined to designated places

The scene will remain, but it will dwindle to a care number of people.
# 14 : Sunday 23-10-2011 @ 00:15
i can def imagine why anyone would want to take leave from the "scene" for however long ........ there are times when u want fun - its there. there are times when u want more and quite often just not present.

its quite often false, full of drama and very competitive ...... the sense of togetherness is usually only present for pride ..........
# 15 : Sunday 23-10-2011 @ 00:27
It's probably because I haven't been out on "The Scene" much yet. But I don't really see "The Scene" as some sort of lifestyle that one must leave when they feel they've had enough.

To me it's just what pub you head to drink in that night.
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