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Leaving The Scene
# 31 : Friday 1-2-2019 @ 13:00
Cheers sortedguy
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# 32 : Friday 1-2-2019 @ 21:51
Someone said :
I think it's ok, the G always has a big Q, street 66 is ok, but has problems with pickpockets, Panti is only good when you get tired of talking as it's really loud. Nealons is very non offensive.

So it's zip up your pockets along with your Mickey in street 66.

I didn't know they had that problem. Thanks for the advice.

Pow wow, the scene, as called is what you make it really.

There are the bricks and mortar places,as I'm sure you know, but there's also the attendant clubs, services etc.

There are a number of groups on the likes of meetup.com that don't revolve around Alcohol and or the gay bars etc.

Why did step away from the ' scene ' can I ask
# 33 : Saturday 2-2-2019 @ 12:42
Thanks for the reply lefty. I got very bored with the pubs and clubs and the bitchiness. I just stopped going and cut off all ties to any gay people I knew. I think I went through internalised homophobia for a number of years. But as I said I am older and wiser now. And would like a second shot.
# 34 : Saturday 2-2-2019 @ 18:57
I can safely say that in my 48 years on this planet that in my experience as an 'out' gay man there is no 'Gay Community', it makes me feel sick to think that people out there believe that there is. What I consider they refer to is a collection of 'good time boys' who want to party and have sex all the time with no consideration for anyone else.
The 'Scene' is just a microcosm of just that, much more to life than that!
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