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NUI Galway Rag Week Is No More!
# 1 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 22:10
I see that the students union has voted to scrap their annual rag week which had become somewhat of an embarrassment to the university because of drunken and disorderly behaviour by miscreant students. Drunken students? Whatever next??!!

According to NUIG, many of the people who created trouble at rag week weren't even students at the university and were travelling to Galway to get into the party atmosphere. Yeah, right!

So do you think ther scrapping of NUI Galway's annual rag week is a lamentable loss to student life or a sensible move?

Here's some vids of rag week antics in years past...

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# 2 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 22:11
Well to be fair they got a lot of compensatory stuff.
# 3 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 22:42
Yes. UCG's ragweek had become an embarrassment and discredit to the university, the union, the students and the graduates. Given what happened in recent years they have done the right thing. Maybe someday it can be reintroduced if it can be run properly.
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# 4 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 22:54

Galway Rag week gone!!!! But thats what college in Galway is about!!!

Did the students themselves actually vote this out?

But its an age old institution! And great craic. Just a few people get out of hand. That happens at all big events.

There weren't any bonfires when I lived in Corrib Village. Just a drowning.
# 5 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:01
Ah! Not as clear cut as it seems -


Things have obviously changed since I was there. Im thinking of social networking sites. This must be what theyre on about...

"Rag Week now is not what is used to be. It has changed utterly even in the past five years. The fundraising element has been completely overshadowed by what appears to be a week of SU-sanctioned binge-drinking. The fact is that we are the laughing stock of the Irish universities because of Rag Week. The fact is that your degree and your chances of getting a job after graduating are being directly damaged by Rag Week. "

They werent the laughing stock of other universities. The community atmosphere in UCD is shite. Glad I went to Galway.
# 6 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:02
Yes, the students' representatives voted for it. Given the persistent criminal activity over the last number of years including a particularly unsavoury incident involving a child it really had to go.
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# 7 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:05
Someone said :
Yes, the students' representatives voted for it. Given the persistent criminal activity over the last number of years including a particularly unsavoury incident involving a child it really had to go.

Was that incident in the news?
# 8 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:07
The reps voted for it, not the student body.

There also seems to have been a number of inducements.

There were also unsavoury incidents involving children at lansdowne road in 1995 - that doesnt mean international soccer matches were cancelled. Unfortunate things happen. Remedy doesnt require the tearing down of an institution. RAG has been going in galway since year dot.
# 9 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:11
Well, here's a taste of how it's developed of late.

http://insideireland.ie/2011/03/04/nui-galway-rag-week-arrests-re etc ...

Not sure what your point is about reps voting for it instead of the populace? UCG students voted a rock in as SU president a few years ago, so perhaps the reps are to be trusted .
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# 10 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:16
Rag is an institution now?
# 11 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:20
Someone said :
Rag is an institution now?

There's historical pics up in the admin building showing, I think it was Edwardian students of Queens College, Galway celebrating the 'Rag' week in their very covered up finery.

Ah! The window sill of the River Inn come Rag Monday.
Used to be worn out by Wednesday!
# 12 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:26
Yeah but still is it worth protecting an "institution" that involves a week of getting pissed, however it may have been in the past?
# 13 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:26
A friend of mine is a lecturer in NUI Galway and he told me that last year a kitten was allegedly thrown into a bonfire during rag week. That is utterly sick.

It's one thing for rag week to be a week of fun and games - all for a good cause. A bit of partying when done with respect for others is grand. It's another thing when it involves vandalism, violence, wanton destruction and animal cruelty.
# 14 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:29
That is utterly vile if true.

But there is probably an animal being tortured right now on some estate in Ireland by a group of youths for craic. Happens all the time. You don't need a rag week to that.
# 15 : Wednesday 19-10-2011 @ 23:31
But why do you NEED a rag week?
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