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General Netflix Topic
# 151 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 01:53
Yeah their relationship is very different to a run of the mill TV couple. Claire is the most fascinating to me.
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# 152 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 08:18
Her character is even stranger in the UK one, especially in the series two and three. And Frank's pieces to camera are much better in that. But the US one nails the Frank/Clare relationship.
# 153 : Sunday 21-4-2013 @ 11:18
Hemlock Grove, the new Netflix series, is pretty uneven, judging by the first episode.

The genre seems to be Young Adult / Teen fiction gothic, but with more sex and blood.

The script blunders back and forth between intriguing and hackneyed, unsure if it wants to be Twin Peaks or just Twilight.

I'll probably watch a second episode but I'd be surprised if it improves greatly.
# 154 : Sunday 21-4-2013 @ 11:39
Any gay characters WB?
# 155 : Sunday 21-4-2013 @ 11:40
Someone said :
Any gay characters WB?

Not so far, no.
# 156 : Sunday 21-4-2013 @ 13:24
Hemlock Grove (new Netflix series from Eli Roth) is on now. It's gotten universally awful reviews and, after watching half an episode - (all I could manage!) - I can see why. OTT acting, clunky dialogue, confusing plotting and it looks like it was made for a fiver on somebody's iPhone. The only thing that is getting good reviews is the werewolf transformation in episode two. It's alright but I do think American Werewolf did it better.

But here it is! Now you don't have to sit through scenes upon scenes of shite to see it!

Video Link :
# 157 : Monday 13-5-2013 @ 12:25
The single reason for getting Netflix is nearly here.

And if you don't like Arrested Development, you're just wrong

Video Link :
# 158 : Monday 13-5-2013 @ 12:25
# 159 : Monday 13-5-2013 @ 18:03
Excellent - can't wait to see Buster and the gang again.
# 160 : Wednesday 12-6-2013 @ 17:05
Cant say im very impressed, they dont have a lot of stuff im interested in.
# 161 : Wednesday 12-6-2013 @ 17:17
I use a free programme I found online to change my IP address so that netflix considers my address to be amaerican so opens up the listing to a lot more movies and programmes - I find too much choice a difficult thing as I can skim through it for ages before settling on anything
# 162 : Wednesday 12-6-2013 @ 17:43
There are browser plugins that let you do that. The difference in content is vast, apparently . Also on PS3 and Xbox you can change your DNS settings to see US content.
# 163 : Wednesday 12-6-2013 @ 19:55
Ah, thats a little better.
# 164 : Friday 14-6-2013 @ 13:33
Its no longer working
'were having trouble playing this title right now'
Seems that since the latest update they are stopping ps3 users accessing netflix america.

Anyone found a way around this?
Apparently even ignoring the update does not even matter.

This is only via the ps3 btw
# 165 : Friday 14-6-2013 @ 14:28
Sometimes the DNS server that people use for this is down temporarily or the ip addresses change periodically.
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