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General Netflix Topic
# 301 : Monday 10-4-2017 @ 21:21
Someone said :
Anyone else watching 13 reasons why? I only discovered it last night and usually I'm not one to binge-watch a show, but i was up until 5am and got through half the season.

I might start watching a bit of this tomorrow.
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# 302 : Monday 10-4-2017 @ 21:32
The OA is absolutely brilliant. What a scene to finish series 1. Cant wait for 2.
# 303 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 11:32
I hope we see more of Emory Cohen this time - talk about dreamy.
# 304 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 20:04
Someone said :
I hope we see more of Emory Cohen this time - talk about dreamy.

I love it Belinda. Such a great show.

Buck is my favourite though. Great character.
# 305 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 21:23
Someone said :
Crikey - Louis CK has aged a bit in his latest special. Just started watching it now. Will post a quick review later.

I didn't watch it until the end. Some of it was ropey and spun out. He's getting something like $20m for that one show from Netflix. I watched one of the Chapelle specials and enjoyed it a bit more but I had to fast forward through his bit on his wife's gay friends because it was so dated.

# 306 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 22:59
Apparently Chapelle got 60m for 3 shows. I enjoyed his material but there are definitely some out-there moments.
# 307 : Friday 14-7-2017 @ 22:57
Start to finish, all 10 episodes, Glow is just tremendous fun. I know the OITNB team are great but this was still a lovely surprise for me. Two killer leading ladies and a whacky supporting cast just knocked it out of the park - really looking forward to season 2.
# 308 : Saturday 15-7-2017 @ 04:45
I didn't realise until it was over that Britanica.
# 309 : Sunday 16-7-2017 @ 12:30
# 310 : Sunday 16-7-2017 @ 19:30
Sorry Kate Nash was Britanica.
# 311 : Wednesday 23-8-2017 @ 21:20
Someone said :
Anyone else watching 13 reasons why?

*edit* I was on episode 11 when I posted originally

# 312 : Tuesday 7-11-2017 @ 14:01
Seeing as Netflix are raising their prices it might be time to consider the Mexican option which currently has the cheapest plans. Basically you cancel your subscription and then sign up again via Mexico Netflix using a VPN.

You only use the VPN to sign-up again. It might even be possible to use your existing account. After that you can watch the same Irish content at a cheaper monthly rate - 7 euros vs 11 euros for the 2 screen HD plan.

Its not a huge amount of money but here in Ireland we're being charged 3 euros more than the UK for no good reason besides there is less competition and most people will pay it.

Might give this a go at the end of the month.

# 313 : Wednesday 8-11-2017 @ 01:45
Recently seen

Black Mirror
Big Mouth
Rik and Morty
Star Trek: Discovery
Stranger Things II
# 314 : Wednesday 8-11-2017 @ 23:02
On the final episode now.

Jesus Christ, Eleven, wipe your bloody nose!
# 315 : Sunday 26-11-2017 @ 20:48
Godless is a one-off Western mini series about a small town that recently lost most of its men in a mining accident. 3 episodes in and so far it's surprisingly good (Westerns aren't normally my cup of tea) if a little tense at at times. Lots of interesting characters and plenty of scenery to take in.
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