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General Netflix Topic
# 406 : Wednesday 2-1-2019 @ 20:35
Someone said :
Black Mirror's Choose-your-own-story interactive, Bandersnatch.

It's sublimely brilliant, but as well as being amazing, one of the (several) endings, is one of the most poignant things I've seen on TV.

I saw it on my play through, and thought it was good. Then saw my friends played through all the more violent, weird, fucked up endings.
Then my sister hit this ending again, and even though I knew it what was coming, having seen the other conclusions I started to choke up.

Very entertaining to decide on paths as a group.
We did it based on "let's be positive and say
Next time we will go negative and dark.
Then fun.
They try things we did not... ??
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# 407 : Wednesday 2-1-2019 @ 23:11
Black mirror bandersnatch is great, I got several endings when I watched it.
# 408 : Thursday 3-1-2019 @ 21:39
Someone said :
The 'demons' in Birdbox must have come from the same Planet as the 'Aliens' in Signs.. Space faring trans-dimensional beings that really struggle with doorknobs..

I hear a lot of people talking about this. Will watch it over the weekend.
# 409 : Sunday 6-1-2019 @ 12:01
I watched it and thought it was good. Felt sorry for the birds cramped in their little box though.

I thought it would be like the (can't remember name) film where they couldn't make a sound. I hated thst one. But it wasn't like that. Top marks.....
# 410 : Sunday 27-1-2019 @ 16:55
Watched 2.5 episodes of the Ted Bundy tapes yesterday. Horrifying yet Fascinating.. Will definitely be finishing it. very well put together documentary..
# 411 : Wednesday 6-3-2019 @ 21:21
Apollo 13.. masterpiece of movie making.. it's in my top ten..
# 412 : Saturday 9-3-2019 @ 10:48
The Umbrella Academy is surprisingly good if you ignore the occasional fight scenes which are a bit silly. Otherwise the likeable cast hold your interest until the end.
# 413 : Tuesday 12-3-2019 @ 13:19
Someone said :
The Umbrella Academy is surprisingly good if you ignore the occasional fight scenes which are a bit silly. Otherwise the likeable cast hold your interest until the end.

Quite interesting indeed.
And I beat myself for not noticing something about the guy and the donut girl at the end. Suffice to say that he got a free Ryanair's priority queue ticket!
# 414 : Friday 15-3-2019 @ 23:02
Ricky Gervais new 'comedy' After life is a pile of kak.. Makes me weep for the likes of Cheers, Porridge, Some Mothers do ave em', Fraiser, Only fools an Orses, Monthy Python, Keeping up appearances, Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Red Dwarf et al.. An insult to good comedy..
Jack Dee's sweet & subtle offering 'Bad Move' is way better..
# 415 : Friday 15-3-2019 @ 23:20
I just saw clips of After Life on Gogglebox. It looked good.
# 416 : Saturday 16-3-2019 @ 19:47
Agree After Life is boring, Umbrella Academy and Russian Doll are good.
# 417 : Saturday 16-3-2019 @ 19:59
I just must have seen the good parts all rolled into one clip then.
# 418 : Thursday 21-3-2019 @ 20:01
Kim's Convenience , very funny multicultural, Modern Family style offering from Canada..
# 419 : Saturday 23-3-2019 @ 19:24
I have to say Love, Death, Robots is absolutely outstanding.. Haven't watched it all yet but that Katie Taylor documentary is really good.. and i look forward, with trepedation to watching the Miami Showband Massacre , my dad was in the Showbands & toured the isles.. Netflix is on the up & up for me..
# 420 : Wednesday 27-3-2019 @ 22:10
The OA is back with some new episodes. This isn't for everyone but if you "just go with it" it can be quite a fun watch.
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