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General Netflix / Streaming Topic
# 436 : Wednesday 17-7-2019 @ 18:24
Thought for a minute i might just be turning into a grumpy old bastard but, then did some digging and now i'm really starting to think Netflix is only interested in the Teen/Tween demographic.. I really would cancel my sub only the family use it..

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# 437 : Tuesday 13-8-2019 @ 03:39
Ok, i take back what i said in my last post.. Started watching Ozark.. It's brilliant..
# 438 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 22:53
Black '47 Really good Film. Beautifully made with a very strong cast. The future of Irish film making looks bright..
# 439 : Monday 2-12-2019 @ 20:41
Is it worth paying the €16 for 4K or €8 for normal or in between for HD?
# 440 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 09:36
Someone said :
Is it worth paying the €16 for 4K or €8 for normal or in between for HD?

Depends what sort of set up you are using. I find 4k is wasted on anything but the biggest of TVS or projectors, although HDR can make a huge difference. Just give it a watch on Netflix and see what you think first.
# 441 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 09:45
Oh yeah I forgot I have a free trial. Going for the 4k.
# 442 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 12:20
It's worth it if you have a 4K tv
# 443 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 12:21
Also gives you more users
# 444 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 14:04
Someone said :
It's worth it if you have a 4K tv

I do. I'll go for that so
# 445 : Wednesday 4-12-2019 @ 00:50
Netflix 4k is a bit compressed so if you need to save a few bob regular HD looks excellent too on a 55" screen.
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# 446 : Friday 6-12-2019 @ 17:09
I signed up to Netflix earlier and went with the 4k option. I'm gonna mess around on it later and suss it out.

How did I get by for so long without Broadband It's like a whole new world.....

Oh no the story is I can't get UHD until I get multiroom from Sky. And I couldn't get that done until I got Broadband. Will get them in next week to get the TV working in my bedroom. It's an extra €15 a month so well worth it.

# 447 : Saturday 7-12-2019 @ 12:27
Someone said :
Is it worth paying the €16 for 4K or €8 for normal or in between for HD?

If you get a chance to travel, checkout the prices of Netflix abroad: an Australian Netflix, based on the current currency, is giving you the upgraded experience for the price of the step lower: Premium for standar price or standard for basic price...
(May also work with a good VPN: you only need to be an an Australian IP when you sign up: you can then then use it anywhere, and you get the programs of where you are at the time, not from where you subscribe.)
# 448 : Saturday 7-12-2019 @ 12:47
Unless you have a 50" or bigger TV it's hard to tell the difference between good HD and UHD. Certainly if you have a 32" or less in the bedroom, kitchen or wherever, it's a waste. IMO
# 449 : Saturday 7-12-2019 @ 13:02
Ah God yeah the TV is 65". You can only get UHD on your main TV with Sky. The multi room boxes don't work. It's just HD on them.

Watching The Irishman.
# 450 : Sunday 8-12-2019 @ 14:28
After having Netflix for a few days now I'm not that impressed. No Game Of Thrones, only up to season 4 on Line Of Duty and nothing that hasn't already been on the telly in the boxsets.

I suppose it's handy to have it all in one place but it would save you money every month by going through the weekly TV listings and pressing record.
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