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General Netflix / Streaming Topic
# 496 : Friday 1-5-2020 @ 17:20
Someone said :
I usually find Ricky Gervais annoying and cringe worthy after about 10 minuter, but I binge watched the two seasons of "After Life" and thought he and the show were very good.

It was very good, wasn't it.
Sad and funny
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# 497 : Friday 1-5-2020 @ 17:29
Cheap sentimentality with some outdated fat jokes thrown in but, that's just me. Each to their own..
# 498 : Sunday 3-5-2020 @ 00:59
Started watching Life on Mars again, hadn't seen it since 2006, the second series Ashes to Ashes had the most mind blowing finale of any series i've even watched, if you haven't seen it don't ruin it by skipping to the end.
# 499 : Monday 1-6-2020 @ 23:14
Hollywood is surprisingly good. It's very much wish-fulfillment but there are some great performances and some wickedly bitchy lines from the outrageous agent who manages Rock Hudson. Definitely worth a look.
# 500 : Tuesday 2-6-2020 @ 18:47
Good laugh and Rock Hudson reminded me of Father Teds - Dougal
# 501 : Tuesday 2-6-2020 @ 21:26
Yeah closer to Dougal than Hudson for sure.
# 502 : Tuesday 2-6-2020 @ 22:19
I hear the new Space Force is a giant turd.
# 503 : Wednesday 10-6-2020 @ 18:29
Watching 'The Plagues of Breslau'. So far so good, a body found inside a cow hide.

After having watched the whole thing it was actually very good.
# 504 : Monday 15-6-2020 @ 14:43
The Sinner, season 3 is out Friday. Well worth a watch. The first two were brilliant.
# 505 : Tuesday 16-6-2020 @ 20:20
I had an urge to watch Iron Man 2 the other night so I signed up for a 7 day trial of Disney+. Okay so the movie was enjoyable (I had seen it before but barely remembered the plot) and the interface was very similar to Netflix in a good way. Sadly, the quality of the stream was comparable to DVD at times despite my fast connection and choosing the 4K format. I tried another more recent movie (Thor Ragnorak) and the streaming quality was the same. Bit disappointing but I am enjoying The Mandalorian while the trial runs down. The national geographic content looks interesting but not enough to keep me subscribed.
# 506 : Tuesday 16-6-2020 @ 20:23
I am annoyed at myself for prioritizing watching the shorter less demanding series, while keep the more demanding or longer features on the long finger.
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