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General Netflix Topic
# 76 : Saturday 14-1-2012 @ 22:30
Its amazing how much stuff is on the US Netflix. They only show you a fraction in the front end UI. The site below is handy for finding stuff by genre
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# 77 : Saturday 14-1-2012 @ 22:31
@ Floggg, I haven't bothered much with Hulu - can't stand unskippable ads.
# 78 : Saturday 14-1-2012 @ 22:33
Someone said :
@ Floggg, I haven't bothered much with Hulu - can't stand unskippable ads.

I dont mind it. You'd get far more on tv. A small price to pay for modern family.
# 79 : Sunday 15-1-2012 @ 18:21
Someone said :
Did a bit of tinkering to get US Netflix content on my PS3 using a free trial from this site

Oh my the difference is staggering!

Hmmm! I play online games on Xbox. I wonder if I rejig the DNS as they advise, will that mess with my games?
# 80 : Sunday 15-1-2012 @ 19:06
It might do - you could play around with it on your laptop instead.
# 81 : Sunday 15-1-2012 @ 19:15
I'm with graboid, for 4 euro a month I can download about 10 new releases
# 82 : Sunday 15-1-2012 @ 19:54
netflix ireland is a shocker.. rubbish selection.. will be unclicking once the free trial ends. compared to whats available on the U.S site its not much use im afraid.
# 83 : Sunday 15-1-2012 @ 22:07
Thats a pity cause the US one is cracking
# 84 : Monday 16-1-2012 @ 01:39
Just watched a really great documentary Maxed Out

(not sure if its on UK netflix)
# 85 : Sunday 22-1-2012 @ 14:06
What have people been watching on it?

Does it have Human Centipede 2?

# 86 : Sunday 22-1-2012 @ 19:13
Someone said :
What have people been watching on it?

Does it have Human Centipede 2?

That delight has not yet been shared by Netflix. I'm going to watch Breaking Bad on it.
# 87 : Monday 23-1-2012 @ 08:08
I am going to sign up for it, I can't stand downloading shows as the quality varies and just can't be bothered looking for it. I am not one of these types who has to watch something before everybody else so the idea of Netflix appeals to me.
# 88 : Sunday 29-1-2012 @ 19:50
I watched Trollhunter on US Netflix last night. Excellent "found footage" mockumentary. All in Norse with English subs though.

Has anyone gotten US netflix working on a Wii?
# 89 : Monday 6-2-2012 @ 14:49
Yes I'm going to give it a go it looks great, only thing is the movies are not very current !!
# 90 : Thursday 9-2-2012 @ 14:10
I would not be removing Sky in a hurry - we have Netflix here and also found a way to get the US Version - in General it seems the same content as Sky, movies are quite old even in the US.

We figured we could skip the video shop going forward, however even though the cost of one DVD rental is close to a montly Netflix subscription cost - at least you get the latest movides in the Xtravision.

Perhaps over time content will get better, but looking at the US version this aint great either.

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