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Halloween And Anti-social Behaviour
# 31 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 21:27
It was quite around here, a few bangers but nothing over the top, we had seven kids call, they took their sweets and left.
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# 32 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 21:43
Someone said :
have me skeleton outfit on shoving miniture refresher bars in my gob as I answer the door


Post a pic or it didn't happen.
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# 33 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 21:47
Just went out the back, stinks of gunpowder! Couldn't hear a thing inside (thank you new triple glazing!).

Gangs of kids knocking around. Probably be out of their heads, puking later. Ah those were the days
# 34 : Tuesday 1-11-2011 @ 23:45

He is 51, she is 17. They are married.
# 35 : Wednesday 2-11-2011 @ 01:35
Someone said :

He is 51, she is 17. They are married.

Tripper,your da and sister look lovely there.
# 36 : Wednesday 2-11-2011 @ 08:42
Someone said :

He is 51, she is 17. They are married.

Is that your Man from Lost? She doesn't look much better than him.
# 37 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:02
Is it okay to revive this thread?

My local area is in a rough enough state, yesterday when I got home from a conference trip to Galway there was still a small one ablaze (I'm pretty sure people are topping it up with new household waste).

Its really horrible altogether, as one of the things I actually like about the place is all the open green areas about.

Local projects blog about the current state:
http://southwestclondalkincommunitysafetyforum.wordpress.com/2014 etc ...
# 38 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:06
The bonfire across from my estate was banned about 15 years ago because there was so much violence at it. Ever since then there has been no troubles.
# 39 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:14
They are banned here too and in the weeks coming up to it a few were dismantled. It's was my first Halloween in Dublin in over five years (I'm usually in Cavan) so I'm a bit more aware of the chaos this year.

Are you lucky enough to have a very assertive residents group or was the banning in itself good enough?
# 40 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:30
I think there should be one official bonfire in most areas, around where I live there was loads of little ones being built up all over the place so the FB was running around to each one.

If there was one that was supervised by a Fire Officer, the kids might be less likely to start setting fire to cars etc.
# 41 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:33
There seems to be much fewer bangers and fireworks in recent years compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Customs must be seizing the lion's share coming into the country.
# 42 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 17:44
The problem is a law called the Children Act which says children can't be locked up no matter what they do except murder or sexual assault. Liberal NGOs also blocked ASBOs that could have imposed curfews on the runts.
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# 43 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 17:56
Are you lucky enough to have a very assertive residents group or was the banning in itself good enough?

The local parents came out enforce for a few years to make sure no bonfire could be build. I am not sure if they have to bother any more. Most of the kids have grown up an moved on and the other local gang that used to come over looking for trouble are either dead, jailed or have grown up and copped the fuck on too.
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