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The Hunger Games
# 1 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 18:57
For anyone that hasn't gotten the memo yet, The Hunger Games is the Next Big Thing in Young Adult books. It's a trilogy set in a dystopian future where all 12-18 year olds are thrown into a national lottery. The lottery decides which kids will take part in the Hunger Games - a reality TV show where the winner is the last one still alive.

The films are coming out next year. You can have a look at the teaser and posters below. There's a great cast involved, including a few easy-on-the-eye young gentlemen.

So far, the books are fun blockbusters. They're far from the best Young Adult book I've ever read but are so fast-paced and exciting that it doesn't really matter. They have a huge following so, no doubt, the films will be massive hits. It's got a female lead and lots of romance but the action film premise is sure to get boys on board too (where they tend not to go to Twilight).

And they're probably the biggest generational crossover hit since Harry Potter too. Has anyone else read them yet?
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# 2 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 19:13
Sounds a bit like the old 'Battle Royal'

# 3 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 19:17
Ive started reading the first one and have to say im not overly impressed....

Im a bit of a literary snob,but i loved Potter etc so im not adverse to a bit of teen sci fi/fantasy fiction,but the Hunger Games doesnt really have anything fresh or original in it at all, im surprise by the amount of authors like Stephen King who seem to be giving it the thumbs up
# 4 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 19:32
I tend to agree BorstalBoy. Plotwise, there's nothing new there. But it is an easy read that keeps you turning pages. It really is a film in book form, which probably accounts for why it's so popular.

Now, an INFINITELY better Young Adult series that also happens to be dystopian is Chaos Walking. It's set in a world where everyone's thoughts can be heard out in the open. Part sci-fi, part western, part social commentary; it's really original. They are making a film of it (since it's the same company as Hunger Games, presumably it'll be after that), but I just can't see how it will work as a film.

@Flame - it's a very similar idea but the book isn't really about the killing in the same way Battle Royale is.
# 5 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 19:36
Someone said :
Now, an INFINITELY better Young Adult series that also happens to be dystopian is Chaos Walking. It's set in a world where everyone's thoughts can be heard out in the open. Part sci-fi, part western, part social commentary; it's really original.

ooh i actually remember someone telling me about that before,its a triology isnt it? must give it a look.sounds a bit orwellian too,cheers for the recommendation

yeah im sure the Hunger Games will do well on film,bit worried about how healthy and pretty all the protagonists look in the posters though...
# 6 : Monday 31-10-2011 @ 21:11
I have read the 3 books....and enjoyed them...I felt number 1 was the strongest....the books were nothing amazing but good trashy page turners but can defo see it working as a film
# 7 : Monday 14-11-2011 @ 07:56
I've finished the books. Not sure how I feel about them as a series yet. The first one is certainly the strongest; it's a simple adventure story told well. Parts of the second two work brilliantly, parts of them just don't work at all. A lot of the political commentary and analogies are very ham-fisted in 2 and 3. Also, I don't think it worked to take Katniss away from most of the action and have her just be a cog in the propaganda machine. It got a bit boring.

Either way, like I said, book one is great and will make a fantastic film when it's out next year. They'll have to inject more action into the second two to bring them up to scratch though.
# 8 : Monday 14-11-2011 @ 14:47
Here's the trailer. I have to say, I really like the feel of it.

# 9 : Wednesday 16-11-2011 @ 13:18
Its a pretty cool trailer...I will defo go see it
# 10 : Sunday 5-2-2012 @ 15:20
The second trailer was released at the weekend. For anyone who hasn't read the books, it's pretty boring. For anyone who has read them, it'll blow you away.


# 11 : Sunday 5-2-2012 @ 20:57
God I hate these books.
# 12 : Monday 6-2-2012 @ 09:50
Someone said :
God I hate these books.

I enjoyed the first one. The other two are more of the same though. I think as books they're really overrated. But they should make fun films.
# 13 : Monday 6-2-2012 @ 11:20
doesn't appeal from the trilers i've seen
# 14 : Monday 6-2-2012 @ 14:47
If it is half as good as the books were it will be a gripping movie can't wait
# 15 : Friday 10-2-2012 @ 00:43

"But don't you fuck with Katniss... I'll kill you fo sho-o"

Playing Hunger Games
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