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Straight Bars
# 31 : Thursday 10-11-2011 @ 17:15
Someone said :
Ok, slight exaggeration, but there's a reason why most people clean their room before they go out!

I clean my room for many reasons before I go out. Mainly because I like coming home to a clean place.
If I go to a straight bar I know i will bring home somebody. Because I know I'm the closest to the local among all my friends and I could write the script. They always end up crashing with me.

Also if I'm going to a gay bar I do the same. You never know!

But most of all I like a clean home.
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# 32 : Thursday 10-11-2011 @ 22:54
Someone said :
Do you go to them and how do you find them?

Saturday night I was in a straight bar for the night, the first thing I noticed was how rude the people in that bar were (yes it could easily have been a that bar thing) but when they wanted to get around you they would just push, and at one point I was kicked, where are in the gay venues I haunt people (in general, not all) seem friendlier and less aggressive when you are in their way.

I couldn't be arsed going to a str8 bar.
I don't enjoy feeling like a 2nd class citizen - where you have to think twice/three times before kissing or touching the man you are with.
But I guess it is up to us to start doing that in str8 bars until it becomes normalized.
Just like we should all start holding hands on the street until it becomes normalized.
I've actually done both and it feels good and hopefully gets the straight clientele used to it so that it is easier for the next 2 homos to do it.
I guess I've ended up contradicting myself now.
# 33 : Saturday 12-11-2011 @ 02:18
You're on to what I meant in the subculture thread about gay people making gay things mundane, everyday in our minds first, then in our actions so they're just seen as 'normal' for others as well.
# 34 : Saturday 12-11-2011 @ 09:51
Someone said :
When I go out it is nearly exclusively in a "straight" pub. I go into a gay bar when dragged (only twice, so far).

All I care about is the quality of the drinks, the price, and whether I can hear my mates speaking to me; the sexuality of those around me is irrelevant.

Completely agree. I don't get people who go to gay bars exclusively. It's so insular. Not to mention they're invariably shit.
# 35 : Saturday 12-11-2011 @ 10:05
There are two gay bars and two gay clubs. I hate the clubs but find the bars to be two of the best (of any bar) in Dublin. The music isn't too loud (most of the time!) and there's usually a bit of space to breathe in them.

I've gone to straight bars with my friends and find them hell on earth. They're loud, so packed that you have to stand in an alley way or smoking area instead of fitting into the actual bar, full of drunk girls falling over their tiny skirts and puking against the wall.

If I was going for a quiet drink, I wouldn't care where I went. But if I'm going out, I feel a LOT more comfortable in the gay bars. What I don't get is the antipathy some gays have towards scene bars.
# 36 : Saturday 12-11-2011 @ 11:04
By straight bars do you mean the meat market places?
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