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Has Gaire Changed Your Life?
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# 1 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 13:58
Has becoming a member of Gaire changed your life?
Was it a positive change, negative or a bit of both?

Have you become a social butterfly, or do you go out less because your cant bring yourself to log off?

Have you made friends or lost them?

Have you found lovers or driven them away because of gaire? Who is your favourite Moderator, do we need more female moderators and would you ever be friends with a tranny?
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# 2 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 14:09
Its been a nice place to broaden my mind. It sort of calms me down when im stressed about college. Though its also made me put off writing essays too.

Loosey, yes and yes
# 3 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 17:28
Meh, its Ok!
# 4 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:05
It's made me want to eat less Gorgonzola
# 5 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:06
Someone said :
It's made me want to eat less Gorgonzola

Has he put you off?
# 6 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:34
Yes, it's made a great difference in my life and will continue to. I am here over 6 years now and I've not always posted or attended meets but I always end up coming back.

I am sure there are plenty more people to come into my life through Gaire too.
# 7 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:36
It's not a bad aul kip.
# 8 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:41
I got engaged to my partner at the weekend - and I met him on Gaire, so that is a big yes from me!!!!!!!!!!
# 9 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:44
Aww! Well done Chris08.
Hope ye have a lifetime of happiness together.
# 10 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:44
Someone said :
I got engaged to my partner at the weekend - and I met him on Gaire, so that is a big yes from me!!!!!!!!!!

but beware the Gaire Curse!!
# 11 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:48
Someone said :
but beware the Gaire Curse!!

Oh no....please dont....

I meant to also say that it WASNT in the classified section - it was through chatting on a few threads we were both interested in!
# 12 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 18:49
I have met some absolutely brilliant people and made brilliant friends over the last 5 years.

I just encourage them to join gaire.
# 13 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 19:21
Gaire helped me come out and discover who i was back when i was still unsure, the people are always lovely even when giving out for starting threads that have been made
I also met some really nice people on here and one of which is my best friend
i haven't been posting much lately but i will be posting more if i can make it to the xmas meet, as i tend to stay away for posting in serious threads on here, and the post meet thread is always fun to post in..

wow.. i bable, anyway Gaire helped me be who i am today and for that i thank you all
# 14 : Friday 4-11-2011 @ 19:40
I don't know really. It's always been there really, I'm on it so long now!

It has given me some good nights out, good laughs, some good friends.

I do love seeing others come on though, at a stage in their life, where they're confused / lost and Gaire gives them the outlet to sort stuff out and to meet new friends.

It's a nice community.
# 15 : Saturday 5-11-2011 @ 02:01
Ive made some good friends through Gaire. Its great having another circle to party with now that i dont see my childhood friends so much thanks to babys and mortgages.

I enjoy logging on and having a good crowd to debate with too.
The meets and gourmet meets are great fun.
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