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Bette Midler Speaks Out
# 1 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 16:47

This is a letter from Bette Midler to President Bush. As I understand it, she handed it out at her concert...one person
making a difference...

Dear President Bush,

Today you called upon Congress to move quickly to amend the US
Constitution, and set in Federal stone a legal definition of marriage. I
would like to know why.

In your speech, you stated that this Amendment would serve to protect
marriage in America, which I must confess confuses me. Like you, I believe
in the importance of marriage and I feel that we as a society take the
institution far too lightly. In my circle of family, friends and
acquaintances, the vast majority have married and divorced - some more
than once. Still, I believe in marriage. I believe that there is something
fundamental about finding another person on this planet with whom you want
to build a life and family, and make a positive contribution to society. I
believe that we need more positive role models for successful marriage in
this country - something to counteract the images we get bombarded with in
popular culture. When we are assaulted with images of celebrities of
varying genres, be it actors, sports figures, socialites, or even
politicians who shrug marriage on and off like the latest fashion, it is
vitally important to the face of our nation, for our children and our
future, that we have a balance of commitment and fidelity with which to
stave off the negativity. I search for these examples to show my own
daughter, so that she can see that marriage is more than a disposable
whim, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

As a father, I'm sure you have faced these same concerns and difficulties
in raising your own daughters. Therefore I can also imagine that you must
understand how thrilled I have been over the past few weeks to come home
and turn on the news with my family. To finally have concrete examples of
true commitment, honest love, and steadfast fidelity was such a relief and
a joy. Instead of speaking in the hypothetical, I was finally able to
point to these men and women, standing together for hours in the pouring
rain, and tell my child that this is what its all about. Forget Britney.
Forget Kobe. Forget Strom. Forget about all the people that we know who
have taken so frivolously the pure and simple beauty of love and tarnished
it so consistently. Look instead at the joy in the beautiful faces of Del
Martin and Phyllis Lyon - 51 years together! I mean, honestly Mr.
President - how many couples do you know who are together for 51 years?
I'm sure you agree that this love story provides a wonderful opportunity
to teach our children about the true meaning and value of marriage. On the
steps of San Francisco City Hall, rose petals and champagne, suits and
veils, horns honking and elation in the streets; a celebration of love the
likes of which this society has never seen.

This morning, however, my joy turned to sadness, my relief transformed
into outrage, and my peace became anger. This morning, I watched you stand
before this nation and belittle these women, the thousands who stood with
them, and the countless millions who wish to follow them. How could you do
that, Mr. President? How could you take something so beautiful - a clear
and defining example of the true nature of commitment - and declare it to
be anything less? What is it that validates your marriage which somehow
doesn't apply to Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon? By what power, what
authority are you so divinely imbued that you can stand before me and this
nation and hold their love to a higher standard?

Don't speak to me about homosexuality, Mr. President. Don't tell me that
the difference lies in the bedroom. I would never presume to ask you or
your wife how it is you choose to physically express your love for one
another, and I defy you to stand before Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon and
ask them to do the same. It is none of my business, as it is none of
yours, and it has nothing to do with the "sanctity of marriage". I'm sure
you would agree that marriage is far more than sexual expression, and its
high time we all started focusing on all the other aspects of a
relationship which hold it together over the course of a lifetime.
Therefore, with the mechanics of sex set aside, I ask you again - what
makes a marriage? I firmly believe that whatever definition you derive,
there are thousands upon thousands of shining examples for you to embrace.

You want to protect marriage. I admire and support that, Mr. President.
Together, as a nation, let us find and celebrate examples of what a
marriage should be. Together, let us take couples who embody the
principles of commitment, fidelity, sacrifice and love, and hold them up
before our children as role models for their own futures. Together, let us
reinforce the concept that love is about far more than sex, despite what
popular culture would like them to believe.

Please, for the sake of our children, for the sake of our society, for the
sake of our future, do not take us down this road. Under the guise of
protection, do not support divisiveness. Under the guise of unity, do not
endorse discrimination. Under the guise of sanctity, do not devalue
commitment. Under the guise of democracy, do not encourage this amendment.

Bette Midler
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# 2 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 16:56
Oh I love that woman...lets hear it for the divine Ms M.
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# 3 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 16:58
fantastic - couldnt ave argued or sated it better myself...again lets here it for Bette Midler......
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# 4 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 16:59
yeah, three cheeres for Bette Midler. Always liked the woman, love her now!
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# 5 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 16:59
go bette.....brings a tear to my eye
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# 6 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 17:01
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# 7 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 17:09
Bush knows he would never get that amendment through. Its just a smokescreen to divert people from the real issues, i.e., the illegal war on iraq, jobless recovery, etc.

But still fair play to Bette.
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# 8 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 18:18
Bette Midler is always been very outspoken and direct. Have been watching her tv show for years ago and she is one of the most fab actresses and singers. Well done Bette!!!!
Lets hope that the "BUSH" has just made himself a favour and lost lots of voices in a coming election and he will not be reelected.
Thanks Thomas to put the letter here and give us such a good news.
Well done and keep going u do a good job
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# 9 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 18:21
I'd like to be the person to directly ask the Taoiseach or Minister for Justice - "What are you going to do to put an end to discrimination against gay people?". No big speech just the above.

Just one question. Just one news conference. Televised would be a bonus.

Maybe one of them would accept a bribe and sneak me into a conference.....(been drinking way too much coffee today!)
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# 10 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 18:22
oh dear god, a renound gay icon and faghag, who started her career in gay bars so thinks she owes the "gay community " something,... how could bush not listen !!
id be much happier if the pope, aka mr old evil dickhead wrote a letter stating the same,
nothing against mrs middler, not my type of actress or singer but really, a letter from bett about gay marriage, who besides the "gay community " would take any notice !!?
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# 11 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 18:25
I don't like the woman as a singer either - and of course if any singer would do this it would be her...wouldn't it? as she is such a gay "icon".

has she a new CD coming out soon? a bit of free publicity for her target market me thinks!
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# 12 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 18:26
horg i coulnt agree more, just as she was fading and getting old, whhopppeee old gerogie gives her the perfect excuse to get back in the limelight, in the hope it will attract back the community that started her and help save her lagging career !!
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# 13 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 18:32
I suppose Cher, Diana Ross and Liz Taylor are already writing letters too??
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# 14 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 19:08
Oh dear.....what a poor and bitter gay the horgenslund must be....
lets face it, Bette Midler at least has become a icon and has a power to make herself heard, and is very popular still in America. As a prominent face she can put our"ordinary gay" voice infront of press and lets us to be heard. And she is a millionair, who supports a good causes and god damn fab singer. u must have a pretty bad taste and besides what have u achived in u life. Who are u????
U should be proud that there is a prominent people who talk for our case
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# 15 : Wednesday 10-3-2004 @ 19:09
God, you're all so cynical. Cant the woman have an opinion without being accused of looking for publicity? She hasnt got a new album coming out although she is in the Stepford Wives film which i cant wait for. If she wants to publicly support gay marraiges in America, that's a good thing, isn't it?
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