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School Was Weird
# 1 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 21:54
So, what were those things that your school made you do, playground games, strange punishments, bullying, weird teachers, funny incidents, memorable classmates.

I know a lot of schools had them, those inside shoes, I think it was more of a country thing, or perhaps it was a pre-90s one.
In the winter we use to have to bring in coal for the fires in school too and our desks all had inkwells (which came in hand when you were cheating on a spelling test)

Russian bulldog was band more times than I think it was ever played.
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# 2 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 21:57
Bring in coal for the fires!!

Where did you grow up? In a dacha east of Volgograd?
# 3 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:00
I know There were only 3 class rooms in my school and two of them were really just one room split with a partition. The worse thing was we'd bring in the coal and the teacher would have her massive desk in front of it so we'd reap no benefit from it. There were often winters in there that we wore our coats inside.
# 4 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:06
We had a teacher that liked to sniff pages of a new book
# 5 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:08
I remember heating being an issue for other members of the class but not me. I remember girls sitting on the radiator in the mornings to warm up. I seemed to have generate my own atmosphere at that age, although I very much notice the cold now.

In primary school, we used to have to run cattle off our playing field sometimes before playing football.
# 6 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:09
There was a pen with a pack dogs that apparently were let out at night, supposedly to guard the school. Not sure why?
# 7 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:14
I think we had the coal thing primary school was two classrooms and a prefab. I was only in one of the classrooms for 1st class and then got sent out to the prefab with the 3rd and 4th class students in second class (cos I was smart or something). Had that teacher for 3 years then went back inside to building for 5th and 6th class where her husband taught me. Then I had their daughter teach me Irish in 1st year of secondary school.
# 8 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:15
We also had a teacher that made us shut our eyes and imagine a gun pointing at our heads and to focus on the point the bullet would enter - it was really weird as you could feel the spot on your forehead
# 9 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:16
@Hibiki - You're younger than me? What sort of backward operation were they running down in 80s Munster.
# 10 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:17
I had an old and drunken arts teacher, it was funny till he started pushing students.

There were 2,000 students in my school which meant half of them had lessons in the morning and the other half in the afternoons. i had lessons in the afternoon for my first 3 years. If you were in the morning shift you had lessons on saturday too!
# 11 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:18
I'm from a very small village. There were only like 60 boys in the whole school when I was there. The school is closed now and the school has been amalgamated with the convent up the road
# 12 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:19
Well the pre-fabs haven't gone out of fashion, i wonder what cut the politicians were getting from that lease? I wonder wiil we see the day, when you can log in to class from home?
# 13 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:21
We had things called RADIATORS!

# 14 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:22
Someone said :
We had things called RADIATORS!


Do they still have them?
# 15 : Sunday 13-11-2011 @ 22:23
Someone said :
We had things called RADIATORS!


We had hot pipes
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