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Passive Aggressive
# 46 : Thursday 13-6-2019 @ 00:38
Someone said :
It's a case of pot calling kettle black.

I tend to be more agressive than passuve agressive
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# 47 : Thursday 13-6-2019 @ 06:24
Someone said :

[...]The issue is this person cant ever step back, give in, admit she is wrong.

Is the issue that she cannot admit she is wrong, or that she is wrong in the first place?

I do no care if people cannot admit being wrong.
I will gladly give them the pleasure of being right once stirred in the right direction without my needing to admit that "they were wrong and I was right".

If she needs to feel she is right, then sometimes making her feel she is right ... or going to be right... is right.

Also consider that a "she" may not react to some form of criticism the same way a "he" would, especially when they are used to not being criticized in the same way as their male counterpart.
There can be an element of perceived mansplaining!
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