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Post Gaire Meet
# 1 : Saturday 13-3-2004 @ 22:53
Well this was the first proper proper gaire meet i attended and i had a ball, everyone is so cool,
efferal not at all what i expected but totally utterly cool bloke and easy to have a laugh with, same with flame on,
newgrange i want you to adopt me and bring me home, i think your one of the nicest ppl i have met in ages,
everyone else was great meeting you all, all bit it confusing when we thought twins had arrived
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# 2 : Saturday 13-3-2004 @ 22:55
Many turn up?
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# 3 : Saturday 13-3-2004 @ 22:58
when i left, count was 17 and couple non gaire friends aswell
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# 4 : Saturday 13-3-2004 @ 23:02
I always miss the big turn outs, well except the last Xmas one that is
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# 5 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 00:29
you were there for the one I was at in Sept. Mohiam, that's all that matters!

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# 6 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 01:12
i'd love to know what you expected from me
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# 7 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 01:15
dermid is that easy to laugh with or easy to laugh at

but seriously folks I had a ball. It would be hard to find a nicer bunch of people to have a drink with..much kudos to thomas for making all this possible
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# 8 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 01:18
Thank you Dermid. i dont think that col and my name has ever been used in the same sentence
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# 9 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:07

I am very dissapointed To be told that you didn't come to the meet because you where HILL WALKING. To be stood up because you had a hot date would be understandable but because you wanted to walk up a hill is behond the pale.

I am officialy sulking now

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# 10 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:08
Twins .....oh please we dont look abit like each other lol god.,.........

anyways it was a good night......with everyone there tisi- the legend out in all force......and rubberboy dumped a drink on me and brigand very classy.......

and bois - diarmid is a cutie.......phwaor lol
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# 11 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:12
how was the george
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# 12 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:12
I did not dump a drink on anyone

i was holding a pint and flame on was putting a pint down on the table when both glasses tipped off each other and the bottom fell out of the glass i was holding???

Brigand got quite a large wet patch. sorry xx

and one of the twins got a very light splash

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# 13 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:13
i'm sure it wont be his last wet patch of the night
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# 14 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:18
u have so much to give.. guys.. i lve all of yous.. u re great... happy ending to my survey search, i finnally got every one i needed ... but apart from that.. so nice to meet yous.. i am very honoured to be part of this..luv pink
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# 15 : Sunday 14-3-2004 @ 02:28
I called Thomas' mobile at quarter to seven, figuring everyone would be mellow but still coherent at that stage of the proceedings.
I spoke with:

who else showed up?
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