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Mythical Creatures, What Is Your Pet?
# 1 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 19:39
So there were many in various cultures but if you could have a mythical creature as a pet what would it be, and why?
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# 2 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 19:40
Sex pet?
Mermaids, several.
# 3 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 19:42
# 4 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 19:44
Someone said :

I wish i had never given him my number, he is always calling me.
# 5 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 19:56
I'd love a house elf to do all the housework instead of me having to do it.
# 6 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 19:56
Do pokemon count?

I was going to say a pegasus...but there is a lot of upkeep with a horse. A dragon? Too much fire involved...I'll have to think more about it.

I think i'd like one that could fly anyway...
# 7 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 20:00
Dragon Or a unicorn or something. Dragon would be much cooler!
# 8 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 20:05
Maybe a Griffin...or a Hippogriff...
# 9 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 20:18
Dragons, or Centaur, or Mermaid
# 10 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 20:29
My very own Pixie. What are the rules again? Don't let her drink after midnight?
# 11 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 20:31
A sharktopus. Definitely has to be a sharktopus. I could unleash it on the people who piss me off.
# 12 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 20:51
Someone said :
A sharktopus. Definitely has to be a sharktopus. I could unleash it on the people who piss me off.

As long as they are surrounded by water
# 13 : Saturday 10-12-2011 @ 21:29
Someone said :
Dragon Or a unicorn or something. Dragon would be much cooler!

haha ok, I'm going tell you the story that I made up for Boy the Younger (who thinks dragons are god) about the epic battle and why there are no more dragons and unicorns

Every ying on earth has it's yang and unicorns were the dragons yang. Their horn was the only thing on earth strong enough to penetrate the dragons scales, but like a wasp sting once the horn broke off, they would never grew back.

So the unicorns set about in their attack on the dragons, but what they didn't realise was that their broken horns also contained their magic, and as they sunk deeper into the dragons flesh it slowly transformed the dragons into humans.

Eventually the unicorns "won" their battle and dragons were no more, but without their ying the remaining unicorns lost their horns and became like the rest of them regular horses.

So once again the dragons were on top, for as humans they were the former unicorn horses masters.

(He didn't like this story, as he wants the dragon to live)
# 14 : Sunday 11-12-2011 @ 06:51
Has to be Talky Tawney, no question...

# 15 : Sunday 11-12-2011 @ 15:13
I think I want a Cerberus, no one will break into my house with that guy there.

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