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Fighting Talk, Or Do You Have Bite Behind Your Words?
# 1 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 15:02
I haven't a clue what this guy was talking about on youtube, but his whole body language makes me want to laugh at him. Hilarious! Sheer bravado and machisimo! He was full of fighting talk.

Anyway, here is the point of this thread... is your bark worse than your bite?

Do you blather a lot of fighting talk, but really, you're harmless, or are you the silent but deadly type? Or a mixture of both?
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# 2 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 18:16
So is your bark worse than your bite?
# 3 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 18:19
Id say my bite is worse than my bark but in fairness I do bark a lot before I bite
I hate violence and I hate bullies, but the way I see it Im only 5 foot nothing,and if anyone is unfortunate enough to pick on me I class and ignore the warning then I class them as a violent bully and they deserve what they get.
# 4 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 18:24
I have a sting in my tail, you don't cross me twice, you don't get a chance to.
# 5 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 18:49
I generally quite passive, but I will bring up issues if I see them.
# 6 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 19:26
My fart is worse than my bite.
# 7 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 20:28
Someone said :
My fart is worse than my bite.

# 8 : Wednesday 11-1-2012 @ 01:48
Not too tough myself, my words have sent bullies away though...
went out w/ friends of friends this past weekend and at the end of what had been a fun evening one of them starting laying into me for no apparent reason telling me 'know one likes you, just shut-up, just stop talikng...' I kept cool and ignored him and read the others' faces that they were embarassed and I headed to the bar to pay my tab. He followed and kept trying to start something, again ignored him while signing the credit card slip and dealing w/ the very nice bartender. When that transaction was finished I finally turned to him and said "Look, don't know why you're attacking me. There's nothing wrong w/ you in my opinion except you've had a few too many drinks, but it's no excuse to be a FUCKIN' CUNT." I used my deep voice for that. He quit. Yay, didn't have to bitch slap him.
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