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Sweets From Your Youth
# 1 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 21:45
What were your fave sweets when you were a kid. I used to love Big Time bars, does anyone remember them? They were rock hard slabs of toffee covered in fake chocolate, you'd be all day and a few teeth less trying to eat one. They had a yellow wrapper and a picture of a clock on the front of them. I wouldn't touch one now with someone elses mouth but as a kid they seemed like manna from heaven.
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# 2 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 21:48
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# 3 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 21:50
DAN BARS and candy popcorn, loved the time bars though, they were like 10p so with 20p you could buy frosties to and have a sugar feast
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# 4 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 21:52
Ah yes, remember when 50p would produce endless possibilities for sugar consumption? Wham bars were nice too, they were a disturbing luminous pink colour.
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# 5 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 21:56
50p?? - I remember when 6d could buy a load of stuff.

Snapper and Black Maria bars -yum.
Fizzle sticks, broken biscuits, unwrapped sweets in general all handled by e-coli and bacteria-laden dirty-fingernailed hands.

They built us hardy in the 60s.
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# 6 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 21:59
There's a shop that I bring my niece and nephew to sometimes where they have loads of penny sweets. The woman just dishes the stuff out on to the counter, I'm sure it's totally manky she doesn't wash her hands or anything. The 60's are still alive in that place Newgrange! You can't get much for 6d though lol.
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# 7 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:02
ah yes! old 'old' money.
£. s. d

When my first pint was 1/11d

I heard the locals saying they'd give it up when it got to half a crown.

gods be with our youth!
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# 8 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:14
Wham bars - where they the bars with bits of 'asteroid' in them? They were lovely. Unfortunately some of my back teeth are like wham bars these days. When I roll my tongue over them they pop and fizz
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# 9 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:16
Yeah Thomas those are the ones! There was also a similar green one with bits of black stuff in it but I can't remember what they were called. Sadly they have left a legacy in my mouth too.
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# 10 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:47
Clove sweets. Gobstoppers. Pineapple chunks (I was a retro kid). Sherbet dip. Polo mints. Silvermints (great ads). Tayto salt'n'vinegar. Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut creams (Kims were best).

Remember when you were a kid and you went to an old dear's house and she produced the 'Nice' biscuits? You scoffed them but you couldn't thinking 'how cheap is that!'.

Fizzbombs. HB Twisters. (The rich posh show-off kids at school would make a big deal out of the fact that they had Cornettos.)

Jelly babies were over-rated. they belonged to a category of sweets whose merits depended very much on the colour of the sweet in question.

Colleen sweets at Christmas: another 'old dear' speciality. Only when the other sweets were eaten would you be reduced to chawing the colleens. And those horrible dark chocolate things - 'Black Magic'.

Then there was the Milky Bar and the Milky Bar kid - the world's most anodyne role model.

99's (e-coli how are ya?)

Rice Krispie buns at birthday parties. Jumpers for goalposts, etc.

Monster Munches - a great advancement in corn snack design. I had personal tragedy in connection with them when I was twelve. I was wrongly accused of shoplifting a packet in the supermarket in Tuam and the owner led me back to the shop and threatened to call the guards. When the girl at the counter confirmed that I ad paid for the goodies, I was released. But the trauma of the event put me off Monster Munches for years. I, too, have my scars.

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# 11 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:49
Those poor shop keepers selling 10 penny bags of sweets. I think half them went mad.
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# 12 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:51
I was one of those annoying kids who would have 13p and would want one of each kind of penny sweet.
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# 13 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 22:56
Boxes of 'Lemon's' sweets at Christmas, from rellies who were too cheap to buy each kid a proper present. Big smiley Santa face on the side, falsely promised sweety loveliness inside...

Actually, now that I have nieces and nephews, I can see the wisdom in 'Lemon's'....except the rum and butter ones, which were always left to rattle round the end of the box for the adults.
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# 14 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 23:01
I used to love a bar called a Curley Worley. The local shop keeper used to sell loose sweets and put them in funnel that was made from newspaper!!! Oh yeh Trigger bars!!!
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# 15 : Wednesday 17-3-2004 @ 23:07
murry mints

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