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Good Outdoors Place For CDs?
# 16 : Saturday 2-3-2019 @ 22:56
The Phoenix Park Enter via the Island Bridge gate straight in and follow the road to the right you will see a further right turn take that and drive up the hill In front of you there is a gate entrance drive in and before the dressing room building turn left and park there you can get out and walk about people that use this carpark are cool it will not take long to figure out why!
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# 17 : Monday 25-3-2019 @ 19:28
Hi honey,

Sorry to bother you but could you be a little clearer on your directions, I know the Phoenix Park rather well, but I couldn't follow your directions,

Thank you,

simone xx
# 18 : Wednesday 3-4-2019 @ 20:58
I think i know what Kenny means.
If you look on google maps and find the Magazine Fort in Phoenix Park, and head away from the city along Military road, there are two car parks set back off the road, nice and secluded.

Shenanigans definitely happen there.... a friend tells me.....
# 19 : Sunday 28-7-2019 @ 23:17
Amazon rainforest?
# 20 : Sunday 18-8-2019 @ 13:09
Hi Michelle where i work is very quiet at the weekends and evenings the building is empty and is at the end of a cudesac with a big carpark and room to walk around
# 21 : Monday 19-8-2019 @ 14:44
Really? I work off Fitzwilliam square.. never seen lovely ladies about ??
# 22 : Saturday 28-9-2019 @ 14:38
iv a nice quiet discreet place you could even use my office
# 23 : Saturday 28-9-2019 @ 17:19
I have a question, If everyone started cross dressing from child to adult and it became acceptable or normal. Would you be annoyed, delighted and how would you feel?
# 24 : Sunday 29-9-2019 @ 08:17
Hi do you ever drive there I'd love to go-go with someone
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