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Ripping Music CDs
# 16 : Monday 27-2-2012 @ 18:49
Someone said :
Do you rip the CDs each time you get an ipod Tripper? You could just sync the new ipod.

I do and I do so because my music collection is safely stored at home and my Father will not allow me to keep all my music on the computer. Also down there 7 people use it so syncing wouldn't really be an option. I always envy those who are able to do it!
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# 17 : Monday 27-2-2012 @ 23:12
Wow that's mad. You should put it all on your own laptop / PC (if you have one)
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# 18 : Monday 27-2-2012 @ 23:14
Or even just hitherto blank CDs of the inanimate sort - with apologies to any necrophiliac readers
# 19 : Monday 27-2-2012 @ 23:23
Tripper if you ripped them to a USB hard drive at least you'd only have to do it once.
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# 20 : Monday 27-2-2012 @ 23:43
until you lose the thumb drive...
# 21 : Monday 27-2-2012 @ 23:51
True, but he said he's 2000 CDs, so he'd need more than just a USB stick.
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# 22 : Tuesday 28-2-2012 @ 00:06
Someone said :
Tripper if you ripped them to a USB hard drive at least you'd only have to do it once.

I am embarrassed that this never occurred to me! I will set about buying one of those huge ones and loading all my stuff onto it. I will be free from having to do it again after that. (what are the chances of me killing another Ipod and external drive...)

Also thank you.
# 23 : Tuesday 28-2-2012 @ 17:59
Some of my CDs are not importing. So much for longevity of the format but I guess 20 years is stretching it a bit. If you have some CDs that are getting on - make sure you back them up before its too late.
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# 24 : Tuesday 28-2-2012 @ 21:25
Yeah, I have some old stuff on aul Maxell cd-r's from years ago. I must dig them out and see if they still play.
# 25 : Wednesday 29-2-2012 @ 09:31
I use one connected to my pc....still love the crackle!!!
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# 26 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 18:16
What are people doing with their CDs nowadays?

I'll probably never use mine again. Is it time to throw them out? Same goes with DVDs I guess?
# 27 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 18:58
My CD collection is at the bottom of my wardrobe somewhere gathering dust!

I would think that some people would still use DVD's though to watch movies that mightn't be on Netflix.
# 28 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 20:11
The unfortunate thing is a lot old CDs werent encoded all that well and the sound seems quiet when you rip them.
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# 29 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 20:12
If anyone wants the Greatest Hits Volume 1 of Victoria Beckham drop me a mail
# 30 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 20:22
CD are so cumbersome now a days, we've gone passed the point of CDs as an optimized format, less likey to see "CD changers" in cars and things like compatibility, longevity, ID3 tagging are starting to creep back in as people care less and less about the quality with which a CDs and CD players are made.

The two biggest Mediums these days are digital and vinyl.

Vinyl is handy becasue it's expensive enough to be "artisan", but also an impossible medium to "pirate".
You cant give a friend something they can play on their turntable, the best you can do is a recording on another medium.
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