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GLEN News / Press Releases
# 61 : Friday 7-10-2016 @ 20:31
Someone said :
GLEN all aquiver this evening at the launch of an LGBT Network in a bank.

When was the last time we heard GLEN doing work for disadvantaged lgbt people, like Travellers, or in deprived areas, or with disabilities?

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# 62 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 18:49
Glen told to disclose financial details by Charities Regulator Updated / Saturday, 15 Apr 2017 18:37

The Charities Regulator is looking for details of all credit cards used by Glen board members, staff and volunteers and any expenditure on them for 2014, 2015 and 2016
The Charities Regulator is looking for details of all credit cards used by Glen board members, staff and volunteers and any expenditure on them for 2014, 2015 and 2016

The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) has been directed by the Charities Regulator to provide specific information including financial reports, details of staff credit cards and the report of an independent auditor, RTÉ News has learned.

The direction stretches back three years to 2014.

The Charities Regulator is looking for details of all credit cards used by board members, staff and volunteers and any expenditure on them for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

It has also requested details of authorisations for the cards.

In addition, it wants to see board papers and financial reports along with any reports engaged by named accountants.

The HSE has said that it is currently in communication with Glen regarding funding for 2017.

In a statement, the charity said it made a voluntary disclosure to the Regulator following a review of its corporate governance procedures.

It said that it is fully cooperating with the Regulator and will continue to work towards implementing best practice in all areas of governance and fiduciary duty.

Glen said it had also engaged an auditor to examine issues.

Glen has to comply with the Regulator's direction by the end of this month. etc ...
# 63 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 18:52
[...]implementing best practice in all areas of governance and fiduciary duty[...]

Can I say that to my neighbor after borrowing her credit card and maxing it out without approval?
"Sorry, I did not realize it was bad: I need a policy to tell me stealing is theft."
# 64 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 19:33
I an told there will be more details in the paper tomorrow.
# 65 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 19:34
Oops heard this on news earlier.
# 66 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 22:15
Yikes. It's the Sunday Business Post's lead story
# 67 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 22:30
The ceo has resigned
# 68 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 22:45
This is terrible.
# 69 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 22:52
GLEN have to be careful or they'll end up on queer street.
# 70 : Saturday 15-4-2017 @ 23:36
The charities game seems to be such a racket.

Concern, Rehab, the Temple Bar Trust, now this.

# 71 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 00:59
Is that a champagne cork I hear popping in Ozren's neck of the woods?
# 72 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 21:41
Someone said :
Is that a champagne cork I hear popping in Ozren's neck of the woods?

No. Very interested & engaged, and I've been following the developments, but far from popping champagne corks.

# 73 : Monday 17-4-2017 @ 20:06
Outgoing Glen chief 'discovered grave issues' at charity Aine Duggan says full audit needed to establish if funds were misappropriated Paul Cullen

A full audit of the finances of theGayand Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) is needed in order to establish whether any funds were misappropriated, according to its outgoing executive director.

Aine Duggan said that while she would like to be able to say "100 per cent" that no misappropriation had occurred at the organisation, she was not in a position to do so until an audit was completed.

Ms Duggan told RTE's Morning Ireland that she became aware of grave issues and irregularities at the charity shortly after being appointed last October. She brought these to the attention of the board and recommended "corrective action".

A big concern was that a number of financial transactions, totalling more than 60,000, were not being reported in the management accounts seen by the board, she said.

The board was also unaware of spending that had taken place on a political campaign and on Glen credit cards, she said. "People got into the habit of doing things and that needed to be corrected."


Glen monies, in the form of the office and staff time, were used for a political campaign, though this was later reimbursed.

According to Ms Duggan, the use of financial transactions "off the books goes back a decade". Charities had a responsibility to ensure money raised for one purpose was not used for another.

She said there was "complete agreement" on these issues of concern when they were raised within the organisation. When she brought these matters to the attention of the Charities Regulator, its initial concern was about financial mismanagement in the organisation.

Asked why she is stepping down, Ms Duggan said the issues were of grave concern and Glen would be best served by the appointment of a consultant to steer the organisation through the current phase until it is "CEO-ready".

It emerged on Sunday that official investigations had begun into whether the charity breached governance rules and, separately, into allegations of bullying made by staff.

Financial records

The Charities Regulator has told Glen to provide it with financial records, details of credit cards and the report of an independent auditor by the end of this month.

"This arises from a request to the regulator for guidance following an internal review. The request was made on the instructions of the board, which is fully cooperating with the regulator," Glen said in a statement. "The process is ongoing and we will work with the regulator to implement any recommended changes in our procedures."

One of the issues being examined by the regulator concerns the use of the charity's resources to support political campaigning,The Irish Times understands.

Glen's co-chairman, Kieran Rose, has stepped down from this role after it emerged that campaign literature for his Seanad election campaign last year was printed at the charity. While the cost of the printing had been reimbursed, the organisation sought clarification from the regulator in case it has breached rules limiting the involvement of charities in political campaigning. etc ...
# 74 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 21:08
This raises questions about the rest of the board of GLEN. They knew four months ago and asked Rose to stay on.
Co-founder of LGBT charity resigns, says he received support worth €11.5k but paid funds back Kieran Rose said he should have made the board aware of the arrangement at the time. ONE OF THE founders of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) has stepped down from the board, after it emerged in recent days that the group was under investigation from the Charities Regulator.

The resignation of Kieran Rose comes swiftly after executive director Áine Duggan stepped down from her post on Sunday.

In a statement, Rose said that he was leaving his post because there was an aspect of the financial support that Glen provided him in 2016 that was causing a “distraction to the work” of the charity.

Rose said that a number of concerns had been raised concerning funds given to him by Glen, but said that this money was used to support his running for the Seanad last year.

“Glen provided temporary supports to me during my campaign,” he said.
These equated to €11,500 (approximately), which I repaid to Glen. At no point was there any reason on my part not to disclose this and any breach of regulations that may have occurred was completely inadvertent.

He added that he regretted that this “arrangement has contributed to recent controversy”.

In Rose’s statement, he also said that he offered his resignation as co-chair of the board in December, as he realised that he should have made the board aware of the financial support he was receiving from the charity at the time.

At the time, however, the board asked him if he would remain

In a separate statement this evening, Glen confirmed the use of funds to support Rose’s Seanad campaign was done without the knowledge of the board.

The charity said it “accepts that the use of such funds was in breach of good governance”.

In a statement earlier this week, the board at Glen said that it was confident that “all grants received have been used for the intended purpose and has no reason to suspect there has been any misappropriation of funds”.

It had emerged that the regulator has requested Glen to provide it with details of all credit cards used by board members, staff and volunteers, and any expenditure on them since 2014.

Despite the group saying that it did not believe funds had been misappropriated, it said that “new financial procedures to enhance [their] administrative systems including the appointment of specialist accountants” had been put in place.

However, speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, the outgoing executive director Áine Duggan said: “I would like to be able to stand up and say, ‘I can absolutely one hundred percent stand over a statement that there was no misappropriation’, unfortunately I can’t.
Nobody can, and that’s why the audit is so important and I think that it’s really important that we let the audit run its course. The reason we brought in independent auditors was to assert that for us and my hope is that when their work is done they will be able to assert that firmly for us.

She said that there were transactions of up to €60,000 not recorded in company accounts.

# 75 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 21:40
Sounds like "inadvertently" checking the box "no food" when entering Australia with 2 bags full of frozen fish, fresh eggs, and home-made pork meals.
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