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Euthanasia Your Thoughts
# 16 : Saturday 31-3-2012 @ 19:13
thats not my idea of light humour on a friday
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# 17 : Saturday 31-3-2012 @ 19:47
But if you are just weary of life surely you can just kill yourself? I don't understand why you need Dignitas in that instance.
# 18 : Saturday 31-3-2012 @ 20:22
Someone said :

Euthanasia isn't there for someone who is left blind or in a wheelchair!

Surely if you are blind or in a wheelchair, you would still have the ability to take your own life.
Euthanasia is for those who don't have the physical means to commit suicide and hence they require the assistance of another.
# 19 : Sunday 1-4-2012 @ 15:24
Someone said :
But if you are just weary of life surely you can just kill yourself? I don't understand why you need Dignitas in that instance.

Yes ofcourse and for cheaper than 7000 CHF

But according to Degnitas's own literature

"DIGNITAS gives intensive consideration
to the question of suicide- and suicideattempt
prevention. The fact that every
year in Switzerland up to 66’650 suicide
attempts fail – in the UK this number is
up to 264’800 – demands that we deal
with this issue. Many people injure
themselves badly and suffer long-lasting
physical and often also mental problems,
with severe emotional and financial
consequences for themselves, their
next-of-kin and friends,"

"Contrary to a widely-held opinion, people
suffering from mental health problems
normally have sufficient capacity
of discernment to decide whether they
would like to continue living or end
their life. Therefore, and as a general
rule, they are entitled to ask for an accompanied
suicide and receive assistance
just as much as people suffering
from physical health problems, in order
to avoid the high risk of failure. The
same applies to healthy people who
wish to end their life because they feel
that it has become too arduous for them
due to old age. There are no rational
reasons to patronise these people
through paternalism."
# 20 : Sunday 1-4-2012 @ 15:31
Someone said :
Yes ofcourse and for cheaper than 7000 CHF

I find the idea of paying to die very strange.
# 21 : Sunday 1-4-2012 @ 15:42
Alot of people do question the costs with regard dignitas
However Dignitas is the ONLY euthanasia option open to people from an outside country
# 22 : Friday 30-11-2012 @ 22:37
A court case on next tuesday, for a Woman wanting to die with dignity. It's been taken against the Irish Government and being heard by a panel of Judges If you're interested?
# 23 : Friday 30-11-2012 @ 22:39
Albert Einstein was euthanasied, I hope I get the same dignity if I have a terminal, degenerative disease.
# 24 : Friday 30-11-2012 @ 22:42
Someone said :
Albert Einstein was euthanasied, I hope I get the same dignity if I have a terminal, degenerative disease.

I hope she wins, but the judges will point at the Legislators and say. Take it up with them, Then the God brigade will be out!
# 25 : Friday 30-11-2012 @ 22:48
Even the religious have to realise that their idea of God is the biggest euthanasier of all.
# 26 : Friday 30-11-2012 @ 22:56
You need only to live like a pensioner in the UK and the weather will take care of any concerns you might have of a long and lingering death etc ...
# 27 : Friday 30-11-2012 @ 23:02
I support Euthanasia and assisted suicide fully. I really hope the legal landscape changes, if I or a loved one were ever in a position where life was considerably more unbearable than death.

I followed the case of Tony Nicklinson closely, it was heartbreaking.

I do not support the decision being made by anyone other than the patient/client themselves. This could open up a horrendous stream of scheming scenarios.

I think a lot of work must be put into psychological screening.

I think this question has a lot in common with the ongoing debate on abortion. People should have the right to choose it is their body.
# 28 : Sunday 2-12-2012 @ 20:19
For anyone interested in the subject or looking to educate themselves some more 'The Suicide Tourist' is a must see. A heartbreaking film which shows one mans decision to self euthanise and the impact this has on his family. Powerful and thought provoking stuff. The film actually shows him before and after his last breath so viewer discretion advised

And for the record: I support it in cases where someone is terminally ill and of sound mind to make that decision for themselves
# 29 : Thursday 10-1-2013 @ 11:41
Marie Fleming has had her case to have her right to die recognised by the High Court rejected . I really feel very conflicted on this issue.

edit, left out the critical word there. etc ...
# 30 : Thursday 28-2-2013 @ 21:30
The Marie Fleming story breaks my heart a little

The Supreme Court case is due to conclude next Tuesday.


TERMINALLY-ill Marie Fleming regrets not ending her life at a time when she was able to do so herself, a court has been told.

A lawyer for the multiple sclerosis sufferer said she now believes she faces a painful, humiliating and distressing death. But she wants to choose to die peacefully at home in the arms of her partner, Tom Curran, who would be left facing a threat of jail if he assisted her suicide.

Appealing to the seven-judge Supreme Court in Dublin, senior counsel Brian Murray said the cruel irony was that were Ms Fleming able bodied and not experiencing the same acute degree of suffering, she would be able to do what she now wants to do.

"She expressed at one stage regret that when she was able bodied and considered ending her own life, that she did not do so," Mr Murray said.

Ms Fleming is wheelchair-bound, physically helpless, lives in constant pain, cannot swallow and suffers choking sessions which she fears will kill her, the court was told.

Mr Murray said she is in the late stages of the terminal and incurable illness, with between months and two years left to live, and may lose the ability to communicate and be "locked-in" while fully sensed.

"She faces a death which she believes will be painful, humiliating and distressing," said Mr Murray.

"She wishes to end her life and to die, not as and when her body is overwhelmed by her disease and at the culmination of the suffering which she presently experiences, but instead to die peacefully and at a time and in a manner of her own choosing.

"What she asks is not to have another person kill her. She wishes to, and can, take the decisive physical step herself.

"However, her physical condition is so that she cannot end her life without assistance."


Mr Murray revealed that the 59-year-old former university lecturer could self-administer gas through a mask or a lethal injection through a cannula put into her arm, which she would activate by shaking her head or blowing.
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