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Euthanasia Your Thoughts
# 61 : Saturday 28-3-2015 @ 13:06
I like how you put terminally ill people and people with depression in the same sentence as euthanasia.

It's on par with suggesting people who had a bad day at work be put into an induced coma.
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# 62 : Saturday 28-3-2015 @ 13:08
I remember having similar views regarding depression/euthanasia when I was depressed. But you know, I was depressed.
# 63 : Sunday 13-9-2015 @ 11:49
Still haven't worked out if this is for real - a mate got this in his door this week, a leaflet for what in all actions is a caravan crematorium.

The websites live and there locations around Ireland offering services to those over the age of 16. Clearly illegal but really, how odd for even a possible joke/scam.

Rang the number - yep, voice mail about it and all. Bit surreal.

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