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What DVDs Or Films Are You Looking At Tonight?
# 1 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 16:39
Tell us what DVD's or Films your looking at tonight.

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# 2 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 15:45
I'm gonna watch Alien and Aliens. I need some of that good stuff in delicious HD.
# 3 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 16:04
I'm watching Cowboys and Aliens and Captain America
# 4 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 16:12
I haven't seen either - let us know if they're any good.
# 5 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 16:39
Last night i watched a fanedit of Alien Vs Predator and the X-Files season one.
I ate an entire block of danish blue cheese and had some fucked up dreams.
# 6 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 16:51
Started watching Edge of Darkness (the original BBC series) last night - real feel good stuff. Also have the complete box set of Inspector Morse to work through.
# 7 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 17:39
Started watching season 2 of The West Wing last night.
# 8 : Wednesday 11-4-2012 @ 23:37
Just watched OLDBOY South Korean film also watched Eden lake and just to lighten things up I got around to watching Kick-Ass which I kind of enjoyed, at least more than I thought I would.
# 9 : Wednesday 11-4-2012 @ 23:42
^ if you liked Oldboy, check out Lady Vengeance by the same director, quite harrowing
# 10 : Wednesday 11-4-2012 @ 23:45
@ John-o Ill put next on the list. Really liked the twists at the end of OLDBOY although kind of seen it coming.
# 11 : Wednesday 11-4-2012 @ 23:46
ah pity.
# 12 : Wednesday 11-4-2012 @ 23:48
Have been watching a marathon session of Harry Potter on BluRay.
The young fella that lives upstairs has been down every night after dinner. Douse the lights and crank up the surround sound.
Finished #6 last night.
7.1 tonight.
# 13 : Wednesday 11-4-2012 @ 23:48
@ John-O Not realy, it was still very good I enjoyed it.
# 14 : Sunday 15-4-2012 @ 20:26
Watched 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' and 'Whistle down the wind'

both excellent
# 15 : Monday 16-4-2012 @ 04:18
I watched a few movies this weekend, The Rite with Anthony Hopkins enjoyable although I preferred him in The Edge and Beautiful who's trailer on YouTube turned out to be better than the film. But best of all I found a film on YouTube I use to really like as a kid. I knew it as The Devil and Daniel Webster but it was also called All That Money Can Buy.

Video Link : about a guy who sells his soul to he Devil and has to fight to get it back.The actor who plays the Devil is excellent. The best scene for me is the one at the very end of the film when the Devil is looking in his little book for his next victim and brakes the forth wall rule and looks into the camera as if he is looking into the audience, then he looks straight into it and it looks as if he is looking directly at me and points, it sent a chill down my back when I was a kid So if you get a chance give it a watch,if not just read the spoiler and jump to the very end of the film 1:44 and you will see what I mean.
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