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# 1 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 18:28
It's not something I've experienced really in any large capacity apart from the odd bad day here and there.

It is something though that Gaireans have spoke about and shared their experiences here.

It's something too that some of my friends here have experienced and continue to experience and if writing some words down here where other Gaireans offer some compassion and love helps then I hope this thread continues

I'm sure this post can be updated for where to go for help but here's what I can think of now.

Samaritans ...

http://www.samaritans.org/talk_to_someone/find_my_local_branch/ir etc ...

Gay Switchboard


LGBT Helpline

Ireland's National LGBT Helpline - 7 Days a Week Tel: 1890 929 539 - Call Out Trained Volunteers in Confidence
LGBT Helpline (1890 929 539) is Ireland's national LGBT helpline service; providing a non-judgmental, confidential, listening, support and information service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender people, their families and friends.
Open 7 Days a week:

Monday: 7-9pm
Tue & Wed: 6-9pm
Thur & Fri: 7-9pm
Sat & Sun: 4-6pm

Call our trained volunteers in confidence for information and support
General information
Our volunteers are here to listen, offer support and provide information. Whatever is on your mind, we are only a phone call away!

For more information visit us at www.lgbt.ie

There can be huge support here on Gaire too
# 2 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 18:37
It's something I have experienced to a degree, but seldom spoke about, not even to my close friends. I was in a pretty bad way last year when I broke up with my ex. I covered it up pretty well, and was probably the reason why I got rather drunk on nights out.

For some odd reason, I became very withdrawn when I hurt my shoulder late last year. I came housebound for almost two months. I could barely fend for myself. I would stay up late watching tv till 5am, and then sleep through the day untill around 7pm that evening.

It not something I have officially been diagnosed with or like to talk about, but I have found myself in some very tough places over the last 12 months or so.
# 3 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 19:12
This country is still in the dark ages when it comes to support for depression victims
# 4 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 19:55
I was given anti-depressants by the doc and put forward for counselling, my sister not inviting me to her wedding has knocked me back a bit. I still don't understand?
# 5 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 20:04
Ask her?
# 6 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 20:13
She's on a honeymoon I think, I don't want to speak to her right now. I know why, she was very uncomfortable after I came out and since then she turned cold!
# 7 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 20:48
Im not sure id invite anyone to my wedding that i had not talked to in 2 years, even a family member, and if i had not talked to my sister for that long id probably not expect an invite to her wedding.

Pennys right, ask her as soon as you get the chance when she is home.
# 8 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 20:53
Maybe so, She stopped speaking to me and she had the issue after I came out. I just knew when I was no longer welcome, after I came out!
# 9 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 21:12
Someone said :
my sister not inviting me to her wedding has knocked me back a bit. I still don't understand?

I ageee with the other posters: if I'd not heard from you for two years I wouldn't be inviting you either. It takes two people to maintain a silence.

You should reflect on how this has affected her as well as you. When she returns do the decent thing and call her to make amends.
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# 10 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 21:21
Sounds like it is the sister that has the issue here!
# 11 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 22:18
Well hard to know when you only get one side of the story.
# 12 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 22:19
I think I'm starting to come out of my depression. I no longer seem to cry about anything.
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# 13 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 22:22
Someone said :
Well hard to know when you only get one side of the story.

The sister stoppped talking to Mr. Positive after he came out to her. She is the one that has the problem. It is tough to come out to family members, I've been there.
# 14 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 22:24
So he says. What does she say? Why did he ignore her for so long?
# 15 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 22:27
So is it his fault that his sister no longer speaking to him after he came out to her ? That is the root of the problem here. Yes I agree that he should try to get in contact with her, but what if he gets ignored again ?

Is the elememt of homophobia not glaringly obivious on the sisters part here ?
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