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The Saturdays Adoration And Appreciation
# 1 : Monday 2-4-2012 @ 18:39
Original thread..


They're becoming a little same same but Frankie / Molly / Una / Rochelle / Vanessa are still looking for that Number 1

New Track (Can't see this being their Number 1) :P

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# 2 : Tuesday 3-4-2012 @ 01:54
Prefer the Fridays,they were ahead of their time.
# 3 : Friday 13-4-2012 @ 06:52
Mollie rumoured to be dating Prince Harry


Mollie King refused to be drawn on questions about her alleged relationship with Prince Harry yesterday, remaining silent when asked by photographers.

The Saturdays star was out and about with bandmate Una Healy, as reports claimed that she and Harry are in the early stages of dating after first meeting two years ago.

King also bypassed the topic on Twitter, making only one tweet on her account yesterday, in which she asked: "Anyone else STILL tucking into their easter eggs? ;-) (sic)"

An alleged friend of Harry, 27, told the Daily Express that the couple were "head over heels" in love, and had attempted to keep their new relationship private.
# 4 : Tuesday 8-5-2012 @ 19:42
She gave birth to a baby about 5 minutes ago and she's already looking ridey!

# 5 : Wednesday 9-5-2012 @ 22:38
Isn't the baby the cutest little thing ever!

The guy isn't too bad either
# 6 : Thursday 10-5-2012 @ 20:00
Now, I don't want people getting overly excited here but....

The Sats are on BGT tonight... around half 9.

Miss it... Miss out (and you don't want that)
# 7 : Thursday 10-5-2012 @ 20:42
The Saturdays support same sex marriage .... (if you need another reason to love them)

# 8 : Saturday 19-5-2012 @ 11:32
Once again their B side is better than the single

# 9 : Saturday 19-5-2012 @ 12:49
going to see them in Thurles on the 3rd of June, can't wait it should be good.
# 10 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 09:43
Úna got married yesterday in Bansha (Tipperary)

She looked great and the weather held up

Bridesmaids were the bandmates...

# 11 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 10:15
Bansha? WFT? She's not even from Bansha...and it's like a village. Raging though...I don't live far from it, if I had know I could have gone and tried to pap em
# 12 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 13:07
Ha and the amount of people waiting outside Holycross Abbey yesterday thinking it was there that she was getting married.
# 13 : Sunday 1-7-2012 @ 18:59
Meet The Fodens.

# 14 : Saturday 7-7-2012 @ 13:42
Looks like another album on the way (their 72nd) and a new single (their 212th) ...


The Saturdays have confirmed plans to release a new single later this summer.

Singer Rochelle Wiseman revealed that the new track has already been recorded and will be more "edgy" than their previous material.

"It's going to come out at the end of summer," Wiseman told Maximum Pop. "It's very dancey, but it's going to be a lot more edgy than our previous stuff and what we are known for.

"I think we are definitely a pop band so we will carry on doing what we do best."

She added: "The best thing about singing for me is always being able to try out different stuff."

The new single will serve as the follow-up to previous hit '30 Days', which reached number seven on the UK chart.
# 15 : Friday 27-7-2012 @ 12:32
Another Saturday marrying today

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