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Who's Going Out Tonight?
# 61 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 14:57
have to bring wifey out tonight
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# 62 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 15:06
# 63 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 17:09
Going out tonight... maybe on my first ever date maybe ever maybe...

But karaoke later in the George. If I win and you see me carrying round a bucket of beers feel free to say hello. I'd rather dish out free beers to people I at least vaguely know then perfect strangers ("what do I look like, the milky bar kid? get ahtta' heah")

I think I'm calling tonight my last karaoke George adventure too: It would be cool to bow out now with a perfect score and besides, I don't think I can handle the fucking volume of drink!
I got plastered every night and I still had to leave beers behind or just give them to randomers.

It was cool though. I think I've made huge leaps forward since January/February with all this gay craic and I have the rather odd scenario of the karaoke in the George to thank for it. It was economical for one (who dosn't want free drink all night for singing one song?). It gave me a chance to be "me" in a gay bar and it was also the perfect excuse for me to talk to people and for people to talk to me, even if it was just a tip on the shoulder or a nod or people saying "hehy nice voice" or whatever.
It was the interaction that counted. I felt less like a stranger observing the gay bar and instead like I was someone interacting.
# 64 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 17:27
Hope all goes well mate, we do expect some pics of proposed Date, so we can judge suitability lol. Have a ball mate whatever you get up to
# 65 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 17:39
Someone said :
Have a ball mate

not on a first date I won't! (wua wua wuuaaaaaa...)
# 66 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 19:48
Take a measuring tape with you.
Tell him you prefer to work in real inches as opposed to gay inches.
# 67 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 20:05
It,s raining here in cork off for a meal at Harvey,s and then off to loafers bar for a drink and then back to jury,s inn bus at 11am up early for breakfast.
# 68 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 20:07
have fun greenmanpp
# 69 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 20:38
Not me...I'm at home in Limerick. Haven't been out 'on the gay' in ages
# 70 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 20:39
No way.
# 71 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 20:42
Someone said :
No way.

# 72 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 21:04
Nope as far as I know the circus is not in town yet.
# 73 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 21:19
i wish!
# 74 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 21:22
would love to be going out tonight but have no mates sadly.
# 75 : Saturday 2-6-2012 @ 21:28
Neither do I.
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