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Computer Help Thread V
# 1 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:05
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# 2 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:14
Thank you Thomas. my passwords do not resemble "password", but I hope someone here can help me with my wee problem.

I have a problem with my MacBook Air.

Simply put, it is full.

I tried transferring info and files to my external hard disk drive. The problem still remains.

I noticed that if I link the two, one of the two devices is transferring stuff from the external drive to the iMovie, undoing all my hard work removing these exact same files from MacBook air, and, yes, I deleted the Projects that used these movie files from my iMovie?

Any tips?

# 3 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:18
I'm not too familiar with Mac but on the PC, when you delete files you also need to empty the trash before the system frees up the disk space.
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# 4 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:19
Yes, that also applies to Mac computers too.

Tried it, no joy.
# 5 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 16:29
Perhaps you have to set a working directory in iMovie settings or for each project separately to stop it copying stuff back from the removable disk. Having said that working with videos off a removable disk might not be possible due to the slow read speeds.
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# 6 : Thursday 12-4-2012 @ 23:07
I've given up on SSDs - well at least for my current PC. It crashed again today. Back to slow coach HDD now.
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# 7 : Tuesday 17-4-2012 @ 08:06
I can't see videos on Gaire anymore,just get a blank screen,and newspaper pages are now just showing as indexes,likewise with You Tube, Ran scans and system restore point to no avail. All this crashing has set my teeth a-knashing,any help offered would simply be smashing,thanks in advance.
# 8 : Tuesday 17-4-2012 @ 08:48
Try updating Flash, butters.

# 9 : Tuesday 17-4-2012 @ 21:29
Cheers Super,done that but it made no difference,switched from Firefox to Google Chrome and that seems to be working o/k,dunno why it suddenly went mental though.
# 10 : Tuesday 17-4-2012 @ 21:42
Could have been a bodged update Butters.
Chrome is a fine browser anyway Welcome on board
# 11 : Sunday 29-4-2012 @ 14:54
Not sure if anyone uses Pdanet on their laptop... thought id share a useful tip that someone showed me today.

Usually Pdanet blocks access to secure sites (eg. hotmail, gmail, facebook)... but if you click on "Register Pdanet" and pretend you want to buy the full version (using paypal)... it brings you to a secure webpage (doh!) for payment. Open up a new tab, and you can access any secure webpages that you want
# 12 : Sunday 29-4-2012 @ 17:54
any way of speeding up a Toshiba satellite? without installing hardware?
# 13 : Sunday 29-4-2012 @ 17:55
have you done a clean up and gotten rid of old, usused files etc?
# 14 : Sunday 29-4-2012 @ 18:28
Old laptops can feel brand knew again if you back up your files to an external drive and do a full re install of the op system.
I've taken sluggish old dogs from clients and handed them back like greyhounds.
The difference is amazing and it will give you a few more years of pleasure from your unit.
# 15 : Friday 11-5-2012 @ 10:33
My screen has just blown and I went to change it in the personalisation section in Windows Vista but it's still massive. Anyone else have any tips? It's pretty hard to work with at the moment.
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