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Computer Help Thread V
# 136 : Wednesday 1-5-2013 @ 21:59
Yeah tried it myself and it takes an age to load.
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# 137 : Saturday 4-5-2013 @ 05:41
Someone said :
Hey there, could the computer types here have a look at this website and let me know what they think of it?

I can access it pretty ok (as in I'm not having the same problems as others are having) so what is it you want to know? if it is about the overall look it is very colourful and a lot of the colours contrast but at the same time it is a site for younger people so I can see how that would appeal to them so thats probably OK. It is a science website so the links on the left side that are all different colours I'd actually change the colours around, they are all the colours of light if you break it in a prysim but they are all mixed up, instead from top to bottom make them Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Voilet and it will visually create consistancy even though people won't know why.

Other than that the only thing is on the index page there is a lot of stuff loading which is probably why so many people have problems opening it, assuming you have some input on this site and thats why you are asking, I would take move some of the content from the index page to a different part of the site because the site is for "Young Social Innovators" and most kids that age now a days access the internet from their phone anyway so to much content like that could take so long to load that they would get bored waiting.

As I said I've no idea why you are asking but thats just personal observations based on the assumption that you have something to do with the design of the site and were asking for some constructive critisim
# 138 : Wednesday 15-5-2013 @ 20:50
If anyone having any issues with the following

See how's looking at your profile on facebook do this seems to help -

Video Link : again never click on links that you don't know - safest way not to get it!
# 139 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:04
Does anyone know how long it takes to reboot a laptop back to factory settings.
# 140 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:16
Someone said :
Does anyone know how long it takes to reboot a laptop back to factory settings.

Depends on the aptop can take anything up to a hour or two, but it should be worth the wait.
# 141 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:22
Thanks horatiok, I thought it would have been a lot longer a couple of hours would be no problem.
# 142 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:27
Depends on how old it is, but usually can take a hour or two, sometimes more depending on the laptop specs. Hope it goes well for you.
# 143 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:29
Well if it doesn't I wont be able to let you know.
# 144 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:39
Someone said :
Well if it doesn't I wont be able to let you know.

Zach gone but never forgotten!
# 145 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:42
Oh don't you worry I'm going to haunt you.
# 146 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:51
The longest part isn't reinstalling the operating system.
The longest part is updating everything after you install it.
Absolutely everything will need to be updated.
That's what can take a while. And the reboots.
# 147 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:54
I hate all the updates I usually switch them off,so it would be an over night thing. Thanks.
# 148 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 00:55
Someone said :
Oh don't you worry I'm going to haunt you.

Oh no *runs to hide from the evil ghost*
As kev said, the windows updates are the worst
# 149 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 06:29
factory settings mean the laptop will be purged, right?
# 150 : Tuesday 28-5-2013 @ 21:33
Slight abuse: this is not a computer query but closely related, mobile phones.

If I buy a smart phone in the Netherlands, what is involved in getting it hitched (notice my technical savy there?) to my Irish mobile phone account (with Meteor, bill pay)?
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