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Computer Help Thread V
# 181 : Sunday 7-7-2013 @ 22:05
If you deregister a Kindle, do you lose the books on it?

My not-very-techie mother got one for Chriastmas in 2011. It has been mainly unused since then, but she's asked me to give her lessons. The email address she used to register has died, so I am tempted deregister the Kindle and start over again.

(She did have the wit to link her book purchases to my Dad's visa card!)
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# 182 : Thursday 11-7-2013 @ 20:12
Does anyone know where I can download a reliable version of Windows XP from?
...and how to install it without a CD?
# 183 : Thursday 11-7-2013 @ 22:54
@ Ozren, if you know the password login to amazon and change the email address associated with the account. Failing that, contact Amazon customer support.

@ Calorie Vox, its being phased out, you could try or ebay for an old cd and then use a pc to create a thumb drive version.
# 184 : Friday 12-7-2013 @ 00:00
Someone said :
Does anyone know where I can download a reliable version of Windows XP from?
...and how to install it without a CD?

Microsoft no longer sell XP. Try Windows 8 instead. It can be downloaded from
# 185 : Friday 12-7-2013 @ 00:22
Thanks Thomas and Cheezy.
I have an important piece of software that will only work with XP.
I'll try ebay and adverts.
# 186 : Tuesday 1-10-2013 @ 22:26
I just did something I don't do often enough.

No, not that.

I was checking my add-ons in Firefox and it said my Adobe add ons needed updating. The Adobe site recommends removing all previous versions from your computer before installing the latest version.
So I went to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.
Good grief! There must have been two dozen previous versions on my Hard Drive.

Got rid of them all, did a clean install of the latest version.

More better now.
# 187 : Tuesday 1-10-2013 @ 22:36
Just did the same with Java.

# 188 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 15:13
If you are a Google+ user...

How to Opt Out of Google+ Enhanced Advertising
# 189 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 16:19
Kinda sleazy that they (along with FB) are going to show personal recommendations alongside ads. A crazy amount of people who have liked crappy companies for the chance to win an ipad will soon be popping up beside ads for stuff they never really liked in the first place.
# 190 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 16:44
at least you can turn it off
# 191 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 17:42
Thankfully and Google at least is being proactive about letting people know.
# 192 : Thursday 24-10-2013 @ 19:09
The latest version of Java has fecked up banking online with BOI so if anyone else uses BOI banking don't upgrade or you will have issues. Its java 7 version 40 that causes the issue but hopefully they will have a update for it to fix it, just caused loads of issues with a few clients we have.
# 193 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 12:09
Talking about computer accessories here, so hope I'm still on topic here.

My printer seems to be wonky.

Which would you suggest, repair or replace?

I got it in 2008.
# 194 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 12:17
if you spent a lot of money on it, maybe it's worth considering repair.
# 195 : Monday 28-10-2013 @ 12:36
Take it to a repair shop and get a quote for repair. Bear in mind that you can pick up a cheap printer for about 60 quid.
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