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Computer Help Thread V
# 16 : Friday 11-5-2012 @ 10:41
The whole screen or just the browser? If its the browser press control and zero or control and the mouse wheel to resize text.
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# 17 : Friday 11-5-2012 @ 10:42
The whole screen, it's weird.
# 18 : Friday 11-5-2012 @ 10:47
After personalisation, did you choose display settings (down the bottom)? Maybe go into that and choose the recommended setting for your monitor.
# 19 : Friday 11-5-2012 @ 10:55
Thanks Thomas, it seems to have worked but still looks a little weird, I might just try changing the font as well.

# 20 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 08:09
Ok Need Advice!!!
my mate has a ipod. His pc is broken and he wants me to put music on it. i dont have a hard drive tho.
It is possible to put his ipod onto my laptop and take music off his and replace it with mine. Or will it just synce with my music auto and lose all of his music???
# 21 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 18:36
What's the deal with every website asking me about cookies (and not the chocolate kind) today

Did something happen?

For example...

This website uses 'cookies' to give you the best, most relevant experience. Using this website means you’re Ok with this. You can change which cookies are set at any time - and find out more about them - by following this link (or by clicking the cookie link at the top of any page).

# 22 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 18:48
did you update your browser?
# 23 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 18:52
did you clear your cache or clear your browsing history?
# 24 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 19:05
No, it was in work too.

Ah, just noticed it's a new law....

Here's another site...

By continuing to use the site you agree to our privacy & cookies policy.

And got an e-mail from another site I use re cookies..

You may have heard about 'cookies' in the news recently. These are digital files that websites use to see what people have clicked on. This information helps us give you a more personalised experience and make it easier to find what you're looking for.
So, should you allow cookies?
Cookies have always been on websites, but the law now asks us to check if they're ok with you. In the next few weeks, when you visit our website, you'll be asked whether you'd like to allow cookies or turn them off.
Please note, without cookies you can't:

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# 25 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 19:59
Its some UK law - thank God its not being enforced here just yet.
# 26 : Tuesday 29-5-2012 @ 12:41
My laptop is driving me mad!

I plug the charger it into the mains, plug the jack into the laptop and the battery charges for a few seconds and then stops. I take out the jack and plug it back in and its the same thing...charges for a few seconds and then stops.

This happen to anyone else?

Is it the battery? Is it the jack? The charger?
# 27 : Tuesday 29-5-2012 @ 13:06
Take the battery out and leave the laptop to run of the mains for a while the battery needs a break from being constantly being charged all the time. When you put the battery in take out the charger and run on the battery until it goes flat then charge it best for battery life
# 28 : Tuesday 29-5-2012 @ 16:56
Has anyone got any idea on how to open a DAT file?
# 29 : Tuesday 29-5-2012 @ 18:10
Someone said :
Has anyone got any idea on how to open a DAT file?

found this, hope it helps: etc ...
# 30 : Tuesday 29-5-2012 @ 20:29
Cool, thank you I got it sorted.
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