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Computer Help Thread V
# 91 : Friday 14-12-2012 @ 13:55
I would suggest getting Speed Fan. Ignore anything in the program you find complex and don't alter the parameters, just install it and look at the "readings" for GPU HPU and Core.

I run some serious graphics on my machine and the temps are all below 45C just to give you a benchmark. Speed Fan is small and free:

This will flag up if there is an overheating issue that needs to be addressed, as wheelie is suggesting with your fan. It does look like an overheat, it could also simply have been one of the /config /run updates tying your machine in a knot. Since it happened following an official update I doubt a virus is at the root. ::IMPORTANT:: Do NOT just open up your laptop and start messing with it. You can destroy it if aren't careful. We are (electrically) charged and if you emit any static discharge you can fuck your circuitry right up.

Ideally you would not touch ANY part of the inside of your machine. Ideally you would wear a static band in case you do. However as long as you don't touch anything inside it and keep a hand (leg, nostril w/e keep contact with it) on the metal part of the casing to ground yourself it should be ok. But it is worth mentioning because it has happened and it would be rather upsetting yes?

Make sure to google your machine type and refer to a video to do it also there are plenty online.

Good luck

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# 92 : Wednesday 2-1-2013 @ 19:29
would anyone know a good photo cropping/editing site? seems to have been taken over by google+ and i don't want to open an account for the sake of cropping a few pics. thanks
# 93 : Wednesday 2-1-2013 @ 19:50
Just download
It's free.
# 94 : Wednesday 2-1-2013 @ 20:41
Don't know if its any good but this came up in Google

If you have more time I'd also recommend too

# 95 : Wednesday 2-1-2013 @ 20:48
Or you can email me the pictures and I'll crop them for you. And maybe draw on some boobies, who knows.
# 96 : Thursday 3-1-2013 @ 01:12
thanks! *crops pic of hulk hogans ball sack*
# 97 : Thursday 3-1-2013 @ 01:22
# 98 : Thursday 10-1-2013 @ 16:49
Apparently Adobe are letting people download Creative Suite 2 now.

Its from 2005 but still pretty powerful web / photoshop tools
# 99 : Thursday 10-1-2013 @ 20:05
Cool, must get it.
# 100 : Thursday 10-1-2013 @ 20:10
Someone said :
Apparently Adobe are letting people download Creative Suite 2 now.

Its from 2005 but still pretty powerful web / photoshop tools

Do DDS plugins work with it?
# 101 : Thursday 10-1-2013 @ 20:16
# 102 : Thursday 10-1-2013 @ 22:08
Have you tried Gimp, its free to download and about as good as photoshop or any other "pro" downloads.
# 103 : Monday 14-1-2013 @ 10:39
hi. just got a pop-up message from chrome saying ive used up 267meg and to restart for better speed etc.... but my vodafone system tells me that ive only used 15megs.

could there be something wrong with the laptop? or worse?
# 104 : Monday 14-1-2013 @ 11:13
Could be RAM rather than bandwidth.
# 105 : Monday 14-1-2013 @ 11:18
cool.. was worried someone or something was piggybacking on my broadband
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