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Forum Rules
# 1 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:11
In addition to our general Terms and Conditions which can be found at bottom of this post, I have outlined some specific rules that members should pay particular attention to. Where appropriate these rules may also apply to the Classifieds, Blogs and the Private Mail service.

Breaking The following Rules may lead to a Temporary Ban :

Do not post private mails you may have received from another member.

Do not insult other members or threaten them with violence.

Do not harass or follow other members around the boards in a negative manner.

Do not post offensive images or links that are not safe for work (NSFW) without displaying a clear warning above such material. In the case of NSFW images, you must post a link rather than an image.

Do not post off-topic sexually explicit remarks or material in topics outside of Sexual Issues.

Do not post personals in the forum.

Do not post jokes involving homophobia, racism, rape, child abuse.

Do not complain about being blocked from mailing another member or commenting on their blog. How a member decides to use site features such as the blacklist is not up for discussion.

Do not submit illegible posts whilst under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Doing the following will lead to a Permanent Ban :

Repeatedly breaking the rules mentioned above.

Posting commercial spam.


General Site Terms and Conditions :
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# 2 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:25
Thanks Tom for re-posting this thread up. We all can do with reading over the site rules and regulations now and again to ensure that we keep ourselves aware of them.
# 3 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:35

One thing, I see nothing about showing nipples, or frontal genitalia? Is this an unwritten rule? Thought this was one of the rules of Gaire as well? This may be in the general terms and conditions, though.
# 4 : Friday 6-4-2012 @ 15:55
They would fall under offensive / Not Safe For Work images mentioned above.
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