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Stunning Space Images (Part 2)
# 91 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 22:25
Someone said :
The Earth as seen from the ringed planet Saturn, one billion kilometres (618 million miles) away, imaged by the Cassini Saturn orbiter spacecraft.

Amazing, that one guy created all that in 6 days and never seen again?
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# 92 : Sunday 15-12-2013 @ 18:29
And so China successfully lands a lander and rover on the surface of the Moon - these are among the first pics from the lunar surface in almost 40 years.

Article here: etc ...
# 93 : Tuesday 25-3-2014 @ 09:12
# 94 : Thursday 24-4-2014 @ 19:25
# 95 : Thursday 7-8-2014 @ 09:43

Explanation: On August 3rd, the Rosetta spacecraft's narrow angle camera captured this stunning image of the nucleus of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. After 10 years and 6.5 billion kilometers of travel along gravity assist trajectories looping through interplanetary space, Rosetta had approached to within 285 kilometers of its target. The curious double-lobed shape of the nucleus is revealed in amazing detail at an image resolution of 5.3 meters per pixel. About 4 kilometers across, the comet nucleus is presently just over 400 million kilometers from Earth, between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. Now the first spacecraft to achieve a delicate orbit around a comet, Rosetta will swing to within 50 kilometers and closer in the coming weeks, identifiying candidate sites for landing its probe Philae later this year.

I was listening to the live feed as they made the final aproach into orbit, this is amazing stuff!! We're orbiting a fucking comet! A comet!!!!
# 96 : Tuesday 12-8-2014 @ 10:28

Free Public Lecture - you must register to attend.

"We are pleased to announce that Professor Paul Roche (University of South Wales) will give a public lecture on the evening (7.30pm) of Thursday August 14th in the Joly Lecture Theatre in the Hamilton Building of Trinity College Dublin.

"Seeing stars: Science and Education with big telescopes"

Prof. Paul Roache has spent over 20 years researching massive stars, neutron stars and black holes, as well as working in astronomy education, outreach and science communication. He has presented a number of TV programs including BBC2's 'Final Frontier' and 'All Night Star Party'. Professor Roache is the Director of the Faulkes Telescope Project that provides school access to astronomical telescopes. He is space ambassador for Wales and the 'UK National Schools' Astronomer. His talk will address discoveries at the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

The event is free and open to the public and doors open at 7:00 pm

The venue has limited seating so if you are planning to attend the public lecture we ask you to please register online using the form below:
# 97 : Wednesday 13-8-2014 @ 09:03

Perseids meteor shower visibility for tonight (12th August) hope everyone gets clear skies, don't forget to look up!
# 98 : Tuesday 30-9-2014 @ 23:55
Sunrise on Mars
# 99 : Wednesday 1-10-2014 @ 01:59
Jazuz! That Mars Rover made an awful mess!
# 100 : Sunday 5-10-2014 @ 23:23
# 101 : Wednesday 10-12-2014 @ 00:20
Our friend Chris Hadfield has produced a book with 150 stunning photographs taken from the ISS,all profits go to the Red Cross,check it out.
# 102 : Wednesday 24-12-2014 @ 15:06
# 103 : Wednesday 7-1-2015 @ 00:12
Not images,but sound recorded in Space.
# 104 : Wednesday 7-1-2015 @ 00:25
# 105 : Friday 9-1-2015 @ 23:40
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