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Good On TV Now : Part IV
# 421 : Saturday 23-12-2017 @ 01:10
I'm watching The League Of Gentlemen. The 3 parter that was on BBC 2 recently.
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# 422 : Sunday 24-12-2017 @ 19:15
Watching 'Gone Girl' that was on last night.
# 423 : Friday 12-1-2018 @ 07:40
Derry Girls is quite good. A few Lols.

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with Nadine Coyle.

Channel 4. Catch it on 4OD.
# 424 : Friday 12-1-2018 @ 18:08
Someone said :
Derry Girls is quite good. A few Lols.

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with Nadine Coyle.

Channel 4. Catch it on 4OD.

Watched it last week. It's really good. It's been commissioned for a 2nd series also.
# 425 : Friday 9-2-2018 @ 08:17
Derry Girls ended last night. Such a good series. Such a good last episode

Series 2 needs to be 429 episodes long.

# 426 : Friday 9-2-2018 @ 19:09
Young Offenders can tide people over for a while until Derry Girls makes a come back.
# 427 : Saturday 10-2-2018 @ 20:42
Grand Designs on MORE 4 @ about 8:00pm
The setup of the (usually) man's plans
...followed by the enevitable problems
...delays leading to budget and casflow problems,
...the compromises to the original idea
...the final reveal of what they ended up building
... the "revisit" a year later where they pretend it was the best thing they ever did and if they had their time over they would do it all again bit
Oh but, the one last Thursday where the farmer built a house out of mud, and when told it needed to comply with energy efficiency argued he would need to make the mud walls 7 meters thick...I rather fancy him
# 428 : Saturday 10-2-2018 @ 22:54
How would you insure that house, how would you describe the structure of walls to an insurance agent and what about a plumbing leak or flooding?
# 429 : Saturday 10-2-2018 @ 23:05
The finale of Channel 4's Hunted was TV gold, professor Kelly's kids crashing his BBC interview in Korea was voted TV event of 2017, the final scene in Hunted will be a strong contender for 2018, if you don't believe me check it out on the CH4 Player.
# 430 : Sunday 11-2-2018 @ 05:39
I was delighted that the father and son made it. It was a victory for them in so many ways.
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