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Catholic Church And Corruption
# 1 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 17:38
Vatican is hiding truth of vanished girl, say Italian prosecutors

The Vatican has been accused of hiding the truth about one of Italy's most intractable mysteries -- the disappearance of a teenage girl nearly 30 years ago.

Prosecutors in Rome say that "someone in the Vatican" knows the fate of Emanuela Orlandi, the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican employee who vanished in June 1983.

Her kidnap in Rome by unidentified men has been the subject of scrutiny for three decades, with allegations that it was connected to banking scandals involving the Holy See.

One theory is that the girl's father, a Vatican employee, had stumbled on documents that connected the Vatican's bank with organised crime in Rome and that she was seized in an attempt to silence him.


The alleged mastermind of the kidnapping was Enrico "Renatino" De Pedis, the leader of the Magliana gang, Rome's most ruthless criminal band.

He was shot dead by rival gangsters in a street in central Rome in 1990 and his body interred in a crypt in the Basilica of Sant' Apollinare.

It has always been seen as highly unusual that a known mafioso should have been given the honour of being buried in a church in which popes and cardinals are interred.

There has been speculation that Miss Orlandi was murdered and her remains hidden in the tomb alongside De Pedis.

Prosecutors in Rome have for the first time explicitly pointed the finger at the Vatican, saying that senior cardinals are covering up the truth.

Giancarlo Capaldo, a senior prosecutor who is investigating the case, said he had found evidence that serving members of the Curia -- the Vatican's governing body -- knew much more than they were saying about Emanuela's disappearance.

Pietro Orlandi, Miss Orlandi's brother, seized on the remarks, saying it was time for the Vatican to come clean and called on investigators to open the tomb of De Pedis to establish whether it contained his sister's remains.

The Vatican insists that it has divulged all it knew about the case. "If someone on the inside had known something, they would have said," said Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (78) who was number three in the Vatican Secretariat of State at the time.

Over the years it has been claimed that Emanuela's kidnapping was carried out on the orders of a Catholic archbishop, Paul Marcinkus, the disgraced head of the Vatican bank, the Istituto per le Opere di Religione. The IOR was involved in the bankruptcy of Italy's largest private bank, the Banco Ambrosiano, in 1982.

Its president, Roberto Calvi, nicknamed "God's Banker", was found hanged beneath Blackfriars Bridge in London, with investigators unable to rule whether he had committed suicide or was murdered, possibly by the Mafia. (© Daily Telegraph, London)
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# 2 : Saturday 7-4-2012 @ 19:08
very interesting......theres some seriously bizarre and sinister connections between the Mafia/Cosa Nostra and the Vatican.makes you wonder.......
# 3 : Tuesday 12-1-2021 @ 12:35
Seriously, why hasn't our Government confiscated their lands and expelled them for their past crimes?
# 4 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 00:34
they were the last resort when normal society rejected people with no other options. so take your high mindedness somewhere else
# 5 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 03:30
Someone said :
they were the last resort when normal society rejected people with no other options. so take your high mindedness somewhere else

Does that mean that the unfortunate young women forced into these hellholes were fair game to be treated like sub-humans and abused and wronged again and again?
# 6 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 08:03
sure what shocks me is why they don't confirm all the mother and babies homes put unborn and dead babies in mass graves, can't have only happened in two homes?
# 7 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 09:21
Someone said :
they were the last resort when normal society rejected people with no other options. so take your high mindedness somewhere else

Firstly, in a normal society people do not reject people because they become pregnant. This is a society that had been under the grip of a religious cult that had so much power over the government and people of Ireland that shipping pregnant women off to what were nothing more than concentration camps was normal.

Secondly, since what exactly is 'high mindedness'?
Are you saying that people should not critisise the church for the terrible things it did? Why the hell not? Are you making excuses for the treatment of women and children, the cover ups, the moving abusive priests from one parish to the next instead of jail.
There is no excuse for what happened other than people were brain washed to feel shame and that shame was taken advantage of by some of the most dispicible people ever.
# 8 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 10:53
what im saying is if where did your ancesters fit into this? were they calling to these homes and rescueing these people or shrugging their shoulders like most people did. normal society left them to their fate so what happened happened with the collusion of the state which includes the people of the time
# 9 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 11:26
Whataboutism, also known as whataboutery, is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument. Whataboutism is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda

Sounds like you are making excuses for the actions of the church.
This thread is about the Catholic Church and Corruption, not my ancesters.
# 10 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 12:10
Someone said :
they were the last resort when normal society rejected people with no other options. so take your high mindedness somewhere else

While you're busy defending them, on your knees doing your holy mary's and attending mass. Remember this, the church would've gladly tossed you in prison and let you rot for being..............you!
# 11 : Wednesday 13-1-2021 @ 21:07
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