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Dreams And Meanings
# 136 : Saturday 17-8-2013 @ 15:54
I had a weird dream last night that I was at a party with a film screening in Venice hosted by Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette Sheridan and she had a dangerous rattlesnake in a cage that kept hissing and lunging at the party goers.
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# 137 : Thursday 19-12-2013 @ 15:36
Another weird dream - this time about the need to let lions roam freely in California - in fact all along the west coast of North America from Mexico up to B.C. in Canada. Some famous Hollywood stars were involved in a campaign to let the lions roam freely.
# 138 : Friday 20-12-2013 @ 00:28
We already have them. Mountain lions are indigenous to the Americas.
One was shot last year not 2 miles from where I live. It was a young male that had wandered down from the Santa Monica mountains.

Also known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, mountain cat, or catamount, is a large cat of the family Felidae native to the Americas.
# 139 : Friday 20-12-2013 @ 00:37
Behold the prophet Jupiterkid,what he dreameth hath come to pass!
# 140 : Saturday 22-3-2014 @ 07:22
had a nightmare during the week about getting bullied in school (no i wasn't actually bullied in any serious way in school) and as it was all getting very extreme and we started to fight our struggle turned into really raunchy sex! That same night i also had a dream about having sex with this bogger friend i had as a child. Was this my body trying to put me off sex lol?
# 141 : Sunday 8-6-2014 @ 22:42
I rarely every dream or at least remember my dreams, ever, but lately I've been having weird dreams that make no sense to me. I don't remember that much in the way of details but I am waking up with in the morning with a kind of unsettled feeling which is not pleasant at all.

I think the general gist of my dreams (of what I can remember) is one of trying to escape though not really in fear or anything like that but just a need to escape whatever random and weird situation my subconscious brain seems to conjure up. I have no idea why this is or why it's happening now.
I love to understand more (and make it stop).
# 142 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 00:15
Dreams are a spring clean of the mind,if my dreams happened in real life I would be locked up in a secure institution.
# 143 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 02:51
A friend of mine who because of work, I wind up spending a lot of time rehearsing with, gigging etc.
Well one day a week or so I was with him after a job we did and he was looking after his son (who has autism, and is perhaps about 5 years old).

The experience was really interesting because I never saw him or any of my friends of that age "in parent mode" before.
The next night I had the most fucked up dream about parenting that'll probably never leave me.
I was doing something ehh... definitively unique of the opposite sex and it was just such a fucked up experience, even as a dream.

I hope I never experience it again. So yeah, thanks a lot brain.
# 144 : Monday 9-6-2014 @ 13:29
My dreams are normally a mish-mash of what happens in TV.

So last night my dream was a mish-mash of the news in Egypt and Ukraine.

I dreamt a dictator had taken power and I had been sacked. What wasn't clear is whether he was replacing me, and if I in fact had been a dictator. I think I had been elected. Or maybe he had been 'elected'.
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# 145 : Tuesday 10-6-2014 @ 06:36
I had a dream I was attacked by a snake
# 146 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 14:12
Mam having lot of nightmares lately. Yesterday morning she said she dreamt her home help had painted the house black.

Interestingly her bedroom used to be her sister's and where she died of a heart attack in 1997.

A haunting maybe?
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# 147 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 14:35
omg had a dream last night that someone took all my "feelings" off gaire and published them and i won an award! Lol
# 148 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 15:49
Polo when you have dreams do you see things? I ask as I am curious about what dreams are like for blind people. Does it feel almost like you can see again?
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# 149 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 19:39
Pretty sure you asked me this before so take notes this time... Yes I see in them and most times I'm aware I should be blind but amused that I can see and people don't know. In everyday life though it is not as you might imagine: you are imagining things so often that you stop registering that you can't actually see and just process things in your mind constantly. And people who are born blind don't dream in pictures.
# 150 : Wednesday 11-6-2014 @ 21:14
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