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Dreams And Meanings
# 196 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 00:39
Someone said :
I had a horrible dream a few nights/mornings ago that when I asked my course tutor what are my exam results, she replied that I didn't sit the exam, resulting in an argument in which I burst into tears. Wonder could it have meaning in real life? Maybe it means I didn't try hard enough? Or maybe that I performed so well I didn't need to sit the exam?

Sounds like anxiety - i reckon you tried your best in the moment. What ever the outcome;
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# 197 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 01:09
I can now officially debunk the the old Myth that if you die in your dreams you die in real life (unless it's a delayed reaction thing, then i'm screwed). Got shot in the head last night,, everything went black.. Then, i reset, like a computer game & carried on the Dream.. Hmmm..
# 198 : Monday 10-10-2016 @ 10:31
I dreamt that I was walking in a field with 2 priests and they invited me to say mass with them.
I think I may be a late vocation!
# 199 : Monday 10-10-2016 @ 13:49
Memory flashbacks to Hedgerow masses?
# 200 : Monday 10-10-2016 @ 17:21
Someone said :
Memory flashbacks to Hedgerow masses?

A re-incarnated, Buddhist monk?
# 201 : Monday 10-10-2016 @ 18:26
I dreamt that new UK PM Theresa May almost lost it completely with a Labour heckler in the UK House of Commons and then discussing the incident with my late Dad afterwards. The two of us were in the chamber of Commons eating a buffet lunch.

Strange isn't the word!
# 202 : Wednesday 12-10-2016 @ 10:50
I went to see Girl on the Train last night. Enjoyable. Emily Blunt ( who I just adore ) plays an alcoholic ex wife in it.

However I then proceeded to have a strange dream last night where during a visit home I found my sister slumped on the street drunk.

I run over to help her back up and walk her home but she spends the whole time giving out about her husband ( who she married earlier on this year )

The things that go through my head sometimes
# 203 : Sunday 15-1-2017 @ 04:20
I was really unwell last night with a stomach bug so was only getting intermittent sleep. I had a series of vivid dreams. One of these was that I was on some trip to Vienna and Prague but was popping back to Dublin every few hours. Temple Bar was totally unrecognisable - it was much bigger and was dotted with elevated open plazas and squares. The Central Bank building had been demolished and on its site stood a memorial plaque. I was unhappy about this as I told someone that I always used that building as a landmark for Temple Bar. But there were smaller modernist cubic buildings all over the area - grey granite and tinted glass windows galore.

# 204 : Sunday 15-1-2017 @ 09:52
Isn't that how Religion began, guys having dreams and hearing voices?
# 205 : Monday 27-2-2017 @ 02:32
Just had the craziest dream.

I was involved in a foiled plane hijacking and coup plan. We wanted to join a revolution in Nicaragua or something like that.

Me and maybe 3 accomplices were caught in a dramatic military police raid before we could do it but this resulted in a few casualties. We were made prisoners and there were some bizarre moments (like when I had to poop under escort) and very dramatic and emotional scenes too (when a relative of one of the victims forgave us for what we did).

The craziest thing about the dream is that it was actually quite realistic, more like a bad TV plot than the usual surreal mess of barely connected moments.

It also felt very, very long.
# 206 : Monday 27-2-2017 @ 10:08
I had a dream that I was filming an Eminem video, but I had to control all the cameras with an Xbox controller and He kept running around and hiding.
# 207 : Wednesday 1-3-2017 @ 02:56
On my latest dream I developed telekinesis and the power of flight!

It was fun!!!
# 208 : Wednesday 1-3-2017 @ 05:55
My dream last night involved Lego and cannabis.

Basically I was back in booze rehab but the rehab place openly sold weed everywhere. Meanwhile I was building big Lego housing estates - lovely houses about 1 metre in height. There were food market stalls selling Mexican food everywhere. But I still kept trying to escape. I was constantly trying to find an old neighbour who was my ticket to freedom. It was odd to say the least!
# 209 : Thursday 2-3-2017 @ 14:41
That's mad JK - I hate those dreams with mental roadblocks in them. I dreamt last night I was in a pub and the queue for the bar wrapped around the place like a conga line. And some people's dicks were half hanging out - only reason I can remember it now
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# 210 : Monday 18-9-2017 @ 08:31
Another mad dream. I was back in my old family home and trying to have a shower but even though I tried to remove all my clothes, another item of clothing would appear on me under the jets of water. I continued this furtive trying to take my clothes off for what seemed like ages.

Eating a burrito the evening before might have had something to do with having such a vivid and strange dream!
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