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Dreams And Meanings
# 16 : Sunday 8-4-2012 @ 20:30
Someone said :
Be careful there, JK. You must not let them know that you know. Else you'll wake up to find yourself in a giant cube with shifting rooms.

Indeed. I don't want THEM to know that I know that they know I know.
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# 17 : Sunday 8-4-2012 @ 21:00
Someone said :

Indeed. I don't want THEM to know that I know that they know I know.

We've met before, haven't we?

# 18 : Sunday 8-4-2012 @ 21:11
I keep dreaming, I am back at the family home and I don't know what it means?
# 19 : Friday 13-4-2012 @ 21:17
Well I had another crazy series of dreams last night - or should that be nightmares? basically it was Paddy's Day in Castleknock (where I grew up) and the place was overrun with drunken "youths" - thugs and louts who were smashing the place up and knifing and glassing people indiscriminately.

Shops where being looted, there was broken glass everywhere and myself and a couple of friends were trying not to get noticed by the drunken thugs by sneaking around back gardens and the like. Too dangerous to go out onto the streets as they were a scene of mayhem and drink-fuelled violence.

Actually that's probably a normal Sat night in The 'Knock.

And so concludes my 17,777th post.
# 20 : Tuesday 1-5-2012 @ 17:41
Yet another bizarre dream last night where I was accompanying two young American college age girls who were backpacking across Turkey. We had a few close shaves with terrorists and their bombs/gun attacks, were held up by the government bureaucracy in Ankara and when we finally arrived at Istanbul we walked down huge hills filled with fields of yellow and orange tulips.

A Turkish cafe owner offered us shelter from the lashing rain and to also try his extremely strong liquor which the girls declined. We were all tired at that stage and just wanted to get a train that connected to the airport in Athens in Greece to bring us home. We were basically trying to get back home and were facing obstacle after obstacle.
# 21 : Tuesday 1-5-2012 @ 18:00
My dreams have been telling me, I must train for battle! So I am back training, preparing for war!
# 22 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 21:56
Earlier today I dozed off and dreamt that I was in Dubai but there were no glittering glass and steel skyscrapers, just ochre coloured mud hut type buildings. The place was crazy about diamonds - mens' suits had tiny diamonds woven into the fabric. Outside the towns, the desert was choc full of super poisonous, brightly coloured snakes.

Later in the dream I was on my way to Moscow. I was going to stay in the same hotel I had stayed in as a 16 year old on my school trip in 1991. There were big parades of skinhead neo-Nazi thugs through the city but also a counter demonstration by Asiatic Russians who strangely, were scantily clad in loincloths and body paint.
# 23 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 22:02
I had a dream the other night where I was having a row with a friend of mine, but everytime I tried to shout at him, nothing would come out.

I don't think we can shout in our dreams
# 24 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 22:09
Someone said :
I had a dream the other night where I was having a row with a friend of mine, but everytime I tried to shout at him, nothing would come out.

I don't think we can shout in our dreams

Yes you can if you can't your unconscious is trying to tell you something, but if you're trying to understand a dream you have to turn it back in on yourself. What part of you does your friend represent? More importantly is there anything in your life that you have been unable to express yourself about, unable to say or are afraid to say. This could be what the dream is trying to tell you, that there is something you need to express but are unable to or can't
# 25 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 22:19
Kinda. I would rather not go into the details of the dream here as the situation is private to me, but the friend in question is not in my good books at the moment, and hasnt been for quite a while.
# 26 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 22:32
Then more than likely that's you're answer you're unconscious is letting you know whats going on
# 27 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 22:34
You may very well have hit the nail on the head.
# 28 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 22:50
nah you did the work and the dreaming, just needed a different way to look at it. Dreams more often than not are entirely related to you & you're unconscious as your mind processes information & tells you things you know but haven't yet realised.
# 29 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 23:11
I dreamt someone posted a comment on one of my youtube videos - and about them not me.
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# 30 : Tuesday 12-6-2012 @ 23:24
I'm having a lot of dreams lately about friends that i haven't seen/heard from in years, i'm thinking it might be about time to get back in contact.
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