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Dreams And Meanings
# 46 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 17:01
I had a hot, torrid dream last night featuring gay porn star Ray Dragon, Jason Statham and Dublin Airport.
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# 47 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 20:36
Mmmmm,Dublin Airport...sexytime.
# 48 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 20:53
I'm having a few virtual boyfriends in recent weeks. The 'relationship' ends in the morning.
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# 49 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 21:39
i've mainly two reoccuring dreams, one is of overly intelligent cows that are set on getting into my (old) house and attacking me and the other is about lots of small animals which are diseased. both disturbing. I also sometimes have dreams about minding a baby boy.
# 50 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 21:54
I think it has to do with sexuality and lifestyle issues. Why do you think the man who ran the institute would toil?
# 51 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 22:23
Does anyone think dreams are visions of our actual past/future lives?
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# 52 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 22:31
Someone said :
Does anyone think dreams are visions of our actual past/future lives?

edit,past experiences in life,that is.
# 53 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 22:33
I meant past lives, not past events in this one.
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# 54 : Tuesday 24-7-2012 @ 22:36
No,I think dreams are nothing more than wishes,and a dump for the mind as it recharges during sleep.
# 55 : Friday 27-7-2012 @ 09:31
Had a dream about Robert Pattinson last night. He's an even bigger ride in my dreams.

Billy Mitchell was in it too for some reason.

# 56 : Friday 27-7-2012 @ 09:59
Someone said :
Had a dream about Robert Pattinson last night. He's an even bigger ride in my dreams.

Billy Mitchell was in it too for some reason.

Admit it! You were cheating on Robert Pattinson with Billy Mitchell, weren’t you?
# 57 : Wednesday 15-8-2012 @ 11:20
Ive been having some very intense dreams over the last few nights. The first few were very enjoyable Last nights, not so much...

I dreamt that it was a really dark, wet night and my mouth started to bleed. My sister decided she was going to drive me to the hospital (in reality, she can't drive). We got there and a doctor and nurse started to explain to me that they had to put monitors and tubes on my heart. As the nurse was attaching what seemed like ecg leads to my chest, she couldnt find a pulse or where to put them. That's when the dream got disturbing... the sound of panicked voices became muffled and my vision went to black and white and started to break down like a bad tv picture. Then it went completely black, and i woke up.
# 58 : Monday 10-9-2012 @ 01:12
I've had yet another volley of dreams where I'm back in school and I haven't yet done my Inter cert let alone my leaving. I have to sit a series of very difficult maths exams or else I'll be expelled.

And in the dream I had last night the Gaireans BigBabyJebsus, Penny, Dollimixture, Wheelie Bin and Mycroft all featured. Also, the school I was attending was like a huge decrepit castle and I had to grab a rope and swing up into the air in a rather dangerous manoeuvre to get to the top of the school.

There was also a Dublin double-decker bus in the dream and something to do with the Navan Road and Glasnevin.

# 59 : Monday 10-9-2012 @ 03:05
I had a dream last night I was a drunken drag queen falling around a bar and people were laughing at me, apparently paying me to get locked and fall about in high heels was entertainment.

Then it went into another dream where I kept seeing visions of a friend of mine who sadly passed away this summer, and the dream ended with me being possessed by his spirit, my eyes rolling into the back of my head and me writing his name followed by "I'm fine" numerous times all over a page. I actually woke myself and the rest of the house up screaming this morning in terror, horrible night sleep
# 60 : Monday 10-9-2012 @ 06:56
For the last week or so I've been dreaming that I'm gonna take an exam but I didn't study for it. It's always different but it always has this thing in common, really starting to annoy me now!
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