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Gigs A Go-Go
# 166 : Friday 5-6-2015 @ 18:28
High Hopes choir in Westland Row church tonight.
The producers,funniest musical ever,in Bord Gais Theatre in July.
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# 167 : Tuesday 14-7-2015 @ 21:57
David Hoyle is in the Guinness storehouse on Friday as part of the Liberties festival.

# 168 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 05:18

I am off to see D.R.I. in Munich in a couple of weeks!!! Concert ticket and bus tickets booked!!! They're one of my favourite bands since I was 14,back then they were the only band I listened to for a while!

I was gonna stay home because I have very little money right now, but D.R.I. are from the U.S. and don't tour Europe that often so knowing I'd never forgive myself if I missed this, I just booked the damned tickets!

Can't wait to se this guys!!

Hope this time I get to meet them in person. I got the chance before but was feeling a bit shy, they're very down to earth and the lead singer even sells their own merchandise sometimes.
# 169 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 12:14
Chemical Brothers on Sunday and New Order in November in Liverpool.

# 170 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 12:23
Not really a gig, but I am going to the BBQ and Craft beer festival in Herbert Park.

# 171 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 15:29
I'm bringing my nephew to his first concert* We'll be seeing Imagine Dragons in November .

*There's an ongoing disagreement about whether a Garda Band concert counts
# 172 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 15:36
Someone said :

*There's an ongoing disagreement about whether a Garda Band concert counts

Did whoever go to it buy tickets of their own volition? If they did and they wanted to go then it counts as a concert, in my opinion.
# 173 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 21:52
It was a free (compulsory) school concert
# 174 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 22:32
I dont think that counts then.
# 175 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 22:46
Someone said :
I'm bringing my nephew to his first concert* We'll be seeing Imagine Dragons in November .

*There's an ongoing disagreement about whether a Garda Band concert counts

Swee! There's something special about bringing a child to a concert.

I brought my own nephew to a concert last year, it wasn't his first but it was his first with me. We had such a good time and now have such good memories to look back on.

The epic adventure that was trying to figure out the cheapest way to get to Leuven (Belgium) where it was taking place from his hometown. The exhilaration when we finally managed to buy the cheapest possible ticket, the fun train ride and wandering around Leuven, a pretty interesting city and then going for dinner before the gig.

The way the gig was delayed a couple of hours, due to technical problems is a less fond memory. It meant we missed the last few songs as we had to make sure we got on the last train back on time. We already arrived too late for our connection and we need for a friend to pick us up from the train station at some ungodly hour. I was absolutely wrecked at this time, and my feet were killing me, blistered and sore.

Also, I'd spent a small fortune in concert tickets, trains, meals, snacks and whatever else. Man, having children is expensive!

I also bought a CD for the younger nephew, who was 8 and so was too young to come along.
# 176 : Wednesday 29-7-2015 @ 00:27
Marc Almond is in the NCH on Saturday.
# 177 : Wednesday 2-9-2015 @ 00:10
Ezra Furman,playing the Academy real soon.
# 178 : Friday 9-10-2015 @ 13:53
Academy 20th October
# 179 : Friday 9-10-2015 @ 13:55
Pale and Sack Grand Social 17th October
# 180 : Friday 9-10-2015 @ 14:19
New Order 21st Nov
Peter Hook 27th Nov
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