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# 16 : Monday 9-4-2018 @ 13:08
Disgusting.. Don't often find myself cheering for Israel but glad they did something..

The rest of the World needs to step up now with similar responses..
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# 17 : Monday 9-4-2018 @ 19:25
If Israel bombed an airfield in Syria it had little to nothing to do with what Assad was doing to civilians and everything to do with sending a message to Iran on what israel sees as it’s red lines .
Who sold Assad chemical weapons? Uk, What defence minister celebrated his birthday in Damascus with him ( Fallon) .
Where is the largest palestinianin refugee camp in the Middle East ? Syria Damascus, if you think Israel has been murderous on the Palestinians just look at how Assad has treated them !
Just like the war in Yemen is unreported what is actually happening in Syria isn’t reported either.
# 18 : Tuesday 10-4-2018 @ 19:15
Apart from killing a few Palestinians & annexing more of their land, Israel would not act without Uncle Sams say so.. Putin has found a nice little testing ground for his chemical weapons program.. Trump is working on a strategy Codename: Stormy Daniels
# 19 : Tuesday 10-4-2018 @ 22:40
Just heard through the grapevine, that aircraft has been ordered to avoid the airspace in the Mediterranean area for the next 48 hours.
# 20 : Tuesday 10-4-2018 @ 23:31
# 21 : Wednesday 11-4-2018 @ 18:41
I think Commerzbank use to trade with Iran, probably still do, the Russians said they are deploying troups to the site where the alleged chemical attacks took place.
# 22 : Thursday 12-4-2018 @ 16:04
will America or U.K. or Israel or Saudi Arabia or the gulf states or France take the million refugees they’ll create with their latest war?????
Or will they just want to launch their missiles and run away as usual .
# 23 : Thursday 12-4-2018 @ 22:06
They'll develop Bone spurs and get Dotard's doctor to get them out of the war.
# 24 : Friday 13-4-2018 @ 14:48
Amazing there is no proof to show where the chemical's where manufactured or who realesed them and the world wants to go to war.

I wonder will America, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia or Iran, pay to rebuild Syria.
# 25 : Friday 13-4-2018 @ 17:44
The Syrian gov has won the war and trump has declared he was leaving Syria and then suddenly there's a chemical weapons attack ???,
Why would Assad do It, hed won, who benefits from an attack on syrian gov forces?
Israel Saudi Arabia turkey ... IS it's very fishy.
# 26 : Saturday 14-4-2018 @ 09:49
Israel attacked an airfield used by Iranian revolutionary guards twice in Syria before this latest us french British attack and they killed Iranians, it was the first time they confronted Iran directly,
Trump announcing he was removing us forces might have prompted this confrontation and before this latest announced missile strike the Iranian forces were moved out to Iraq .
So probably though it won’t be announced the targets of these latest missile strikes were Iran’s bases in Syria and now the us forces wont leave Syria to try and prevent Israel and Iran fighting a war in Syria .
All this after a gas attack.
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