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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 151 : Tuesday 26-2-2013 @ 20:02
Someone said :

Oh...so yeah your first time. I've played it on the original N64...downloaded it on Wiiware for my Wii...and played the 3DS version. Love it!

lol Ok, playing it on the 3 DS now.
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# 152 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 18:00

I am delighted I got batteries for my Nintendo Game & Watch and it still works!!!

It's incredible, this game is 31 years old!!
# 153 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 22:37
Tomb Raider, it's kinda brilliant! Not enough actual tomb raiding, but still loving it.
# 154 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 22:50
I love the Tomb Raider games but I'm a bit cautious about this due to the lack of actual tombs. :/
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# 155 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 23:21
Lack of tombs aye, but it's an amazing adventure yarn. Much closer to what uncharted are doing, looks beautiful and the combat is really good, when has anyone said that about a tomb raider game?!
# 156 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 23:42
I didn't like uncharted because of the endless gun battles so I'm sorry to see it go in this direction but I can understand the economics behind the decision.
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# 157 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 23:46
Sure maybe hang about then till it gets cheaper, but it's fantastic, I think anyone who likes games would enjoy it. I haven't enjoyed a game so much since Portal 2.
# 158 : Thursday 7-3-2013 @ 23:50
Cool, I will probably rent it or pick it up in the sales.
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# 159 : Friday 8-3-2013 @ 08:26
Playing a lot of Super Mario Bros Wii this week.
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# 160 : Friday 8-3-2013 @ 18:10
Hetzer with crew trained to 100%, getting the Camo skill and already bought a Camo net and gun rammer for faster reloading.
I'm trolling each game now and killing several tanks in a row without being spotted
I'm like the invisible tank

# 161 : Friday 8-3-2013 @ 22:22
Someone said :
Surprised how good the early French tanks are given their abysmal performance in 1940.

Are you still playing Eamonn? The new update has some cracking tanks.
I'm playing as an experienced 'Tanker' (awaits the puns) with a new Panzer 1 ausf C at tier 3.
I have it fitted with an autocannon and have had it up to 84kph
It trolls through the map and everybody is like... "WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT???"
# 162 : Friday 8-3-2013 @ 22:30
I haven't played it for a while because I'm concentrating on making the ETW mod. Anyway I kept getting pummelled by the other tanks so sessions never lasted that long. But I do remember being surprised that the Renault tanks weren't as bad as I expected given how poorly France performed in 1940.
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# 163 : Friday 8-3-2013 @ 23:04
It's a cracking game. I got top gun of the week out of 45 million players
# 164 : Saturday 9-3-2013 @ 02:24
Playing this...

Courtesy of The R.A.G.E. on Fade St.
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# 165 : Saturday 9-3-2013 @ 03:24
I seriously want that new Devil May Cry game.
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