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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 211 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 00:12
There have been very few good new games for Xbox for the last year of two, not counting sequels and arcade games.

I guess developers have been holding back for this.

But I hope it has back-compatibility so I can play my old games on it.
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# 212 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 11:59
My Xbox red-ringed about a year ago and I still haven't had it fixed. Would like to play Gears 3 and finish Fez but I'm not too pushed. Don't think I will be getting the next Xbox as they have very few exclusive games, their TV services are rubbish (outside the USA) and putting Netflix behind a paywall is gross. It all turned sour when they got rid of the blades UI - all the updates after that got steadily worse / cluttered with ads.
# 213 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 15:42
Do you mean the Xbox360 or the old Xbox Thomas?
# 214 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 15:49
I'm pretty sure he's referring to the current xbox (360). Anyway I agree. Navigating all the wades of ads and crap to play an xbla game is a pain. And an online subscription to watch netflix and youtube during a global recession? Lol yeah right.
# 215 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 15:58
Well Netflix is only €6.70.
# 216 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 16:16

Originally I didn't own this but my primary school pal did and we used to play it either at his or my house. He'd bring it to school in his school bag and we'd head back to either house. The game works on a password system and there was a crisis when my Ma threw out the cereal box that I'd written all the passwords on.

#The R.A.G.E.
# 217 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 16:17
Someone said :
Well Netflix is only €6.70.

That's fine for Netflix but I was referring to the 60 Euro a year subscription fee for XBLA to access features like Netflix and youtube.
# 218 : Thursday 25-4-2013 @ 19:07
I don't mind because I play the online games anyway so I pay the annual sub anyway. But it is really dickish of Microsoft to require Xbox gold for Netflix.
# 219 : Tuesday 30-4-2013 @ 20:26
Trolling the newbies on the lower W.O.T tiers in my pimped out T-18 Tank destroyer
It's so much fun Sealclubbing them and watching the panic as I pop out of nowhere and annihilate 6 of them in 30 seconds

Is it really mean???? Tell me it is

# 220 : Wednesday 1-5-2013 @ 00:14
Crazy Taxi on Xbox360.
# 221 : Sunday 5-5-2013 @ 20:32
Playing God of War Ascension - near the end. Hope I can keep all my upgrades when I new game plus it.

But the real reason I came here is to post this video of an Xbox disk changer - ingenious!

# 222 : Sunday 5-5-2013 @ 21:50
Half Life 2. Old but a classic.
# 223 : Sunday 5-5-2013 @ 22:03
Broken Sword I
# 224 : Sunday 5-5-2013 @ 22:57
CastleVania: Mirrors of Fate for 3DS. I got it free as part of a promotion.
It received very mixed reviews but so far I'm enjoying it.
# 225 : Monday 6-5-2013 @ 10:22
Someone said :
Half Life 2. Old but a classic.

That game was so 'on the rails' it was like watching a game rather than playing it.
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