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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 451 : Tuesday 29-11-2016 @ 11:01
I used to love that one Frodo

I'm playing Salamander on my Arcade Emulator.

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# 452 : Tuesday 29-11-2016 @ 12:37
Went to Gamestop this morning to get my ps4 but persuaded to wait till Friday. New bundle release that day - ps4 1TB slim + Uncharted 4 + No Mans Sky + Bloodbourne for e330.

Its actually way cheaper that way than buying the actual console on its own!

Of course I'm looking for a limited edition but Pow Pow just go on ebay and buy a skin
# 453 : Friday 2-12-2016 @ 17:13
Uncharted 4. Got fed up sitting on the floor so gonna charge the controller fully before coming back to it.
# 454 : Tuesday 3-1-2017 @ 02:04
Hideo Kojima is some kind of genius. I've played 40 missions of Meatal Gear Solid V and about 60 side-missions, and I still can't leave it down. What's more, it's a pleasure to play a game that has been product-tested and is glitch-free.
# 455 : Tuesday 3-1-2017 @ 18:02
Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Loving it!
# 456 : Tuesday 3-1-2017 @ 19:25
Someone said :
Having a blast with No Mans Sky on PS4 a space exploration game with stunning environments. The FOV can be a little claustrophobic when you are going up a hill but otherwise fine. Was worried I wouldn't enjoy and its a bit of a risky 60 yo yos but after watching a few streams I jumped in. Thankfully its been tons of fun so far.

I put that on for 5 mins and hated it.
# 457 : Tuesday 3-1-2017 @ 19:38
Ha its definitely a Marmite kinda game.

Nevermind, Uncharted should keep you happy - thats a stunning looking game with a great story - I'm near the end on my brothers copy.
# 458 : Tuesday 3-1-2017 @ 20:46
Ya I'm loving Uncharted 4. I took a break half way through though for Assassins Creed. Another excellent game.
# 459 : Wednesday 4-1-2017 @ 17:14
Someone said :

I put that on for 5 mins and hated it.

Seems to have become the big 'fail' of 2016
# 460 : Wednesday 4-1-2017 @ 18:56
Need for Speed: Porsche 2000. I still come back to this game. The best NFS ever.
# 461 : Wednesday 4-1-2017 @ 19:15
Someone said :

Seems to have become the big 'fail' of 2016

And there was me thinking I'd give it a second go
# 462 : Wednesday 4-1-2017 @ 20:04
If you want a life changing experience in a game, Play 'Inside'

one of the most enthralling game experiences I've ever had, as well as beautiful graphics, story, excitment, frustration, and dream/nightmare like experiences.
# 463 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 12:58
I'm playing through Mass Effect 2 (an old one I never played on release).
Loving the story.
I should have modded it with a high-resolution texture pack first though

# 464 : Friday 3-3-2017 @ 03:37

The reviews for Breath of the Wild are excellent.

I wish I had all the money and could buy a Nintendo Switch!
# 465 : Friday 3-3-2017 @ 23:52
The few clips I've seen look pretty special but I need that price to be half what it is before I will bite. I may even wait for a console-only redesign - the handheld form factor is not appealing to me at all.
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