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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 571 : Sunday 15-4-2018 @ 01:53
Someone said :
Right now can't seem to stop playing Assassins Creed Origins but will need to put it down and get back into Fallout 4 finish off Fallout New Vegas and continue some City Skylines and then start playing the other stuff I have.I now want FarCry5 and we'll all the farcry tbh so many games so little time

I have absolutely no idea what any of that means, totally mento, wish I knew how to get into virtual reality.?
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# 572 : Sunday 15-4-2018 @ 17:38
Someone said :
Wolfenstein is brilliant.

I bought Far Cry 5 this morning and just gonna give it a try now. Looking forward to it.

Hope it's on PC with silky smooth 100+ FPS ??
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