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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 46 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 11:57
Yeah but that was only the very start of the game. The game gets better as ya get into it i'm sure. I am going to go into town and buy it in about an hour. Will be on around 11-12 tonight to play it.
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# 47 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 12:32
have any of you guys played Heavy Rain?
awesome experience.
# 48 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 14:04
No... whats it about? What console is it on?
# 49 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 14:29
Someone said :
No... whats it about? What console is it on?

It's on PS3. It's kind of a interactive novel type play, with tons of endings. I've never played it but I've heard it's amazing.
# 50 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 14:50
When will we get to play some of the games you're designing in college Sloey?

I must dust off my PS2 and get back into playing real computer games as opposed to Farmville on Facebook and Angry Birds on my iPhone.
# 51 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 15:19
I played a few hours of Heavy Rain. But I heard that it ends badly (for one of the kids) no matter how you play so that put me off going further - didn't seem to be any point in putting myself through that.
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# 52 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 15:21
Someone said :
When will we get to play some of the games you're designing in college Sloey?

When we get to use a program that doesn't crash and somehow mess up 12 hours worth of coding. And then does it a second time 2 hours before our project is due in
# 53 : Tuesday 15-5-2012 @ 15:21
You are too sensitive Thomas.
# 54 : Wednesday 16-5-2012 @ 11:41
i'm playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 on Xboxlive. I am Squintwhisper5 on XBoxLive if anyone wants to play me.
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# 55 : Wednesday 16-5-2012 @ 16:37
Everybody enjoying Diablo 3 then?

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# 56 : Wednesday 16-5-2012 @ 19:00
His videos are funny, staged, but funny.

"What are the other 36"

I hope they cast him in a live version of south park.
# 57 : Wednesday 16-5-2012 @ 20:53
not at all Thomas.

well obviously don't let the kid drown. one child corks it right at the start of the game; there's nothing you can do for him. but the only people that gets commuppance are the baddies if you play it right.
# 58 : Thursday 17-5-2012 @ 02:40
Someone said :
Everybody enjoying Diablo 3 then?

This guy is brilliant
It's all completely staged but he plays it so well.
# 59 : Thursday 17-5-2012 @ 17:04
Thomas takes his gaming very seriously.

# 60 : Thursday 17-5-2012 @ 17:07
I saw that yesterday and I nearly died - what an amazing console collection!
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