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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 616 : Sunday 30-12-2018 @ 09:24
Ah I don't know Wheelie Bin. They all just attack me and kill me.
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# 617 : Friday 4-1-2019 @ 09:22
I've only played God of war for 10 minutes and I'm already wanting to ring up some child protection agency over Kratos,never been a fan of the series but the game looks gorgeous and the combat is pretty decent thus far
# 618 : Friday 4-1-2019 @ 15:07
I am not the only one so. It's so frustrating
# 619 : Saturday 5-1-2019 @ 23:49
Wizards of Legend.

Great indie game.
# 620 : Sunday 6-1-2019 @ 01:26
Heard a review of "Return of the Obra Dinn" on the radio this evening, and it piqued my interest.
# 621 : Sunday 13-1-2019 @ 13:13
The RE2 demo has me hyped for the full game!!!
# 622 : Thursday 24-1-2019 @ 13:42
After having lost my phone for the past 2 hours and me searching everywhere for it I finally found it in the bathroom. Destressing with a game of Tomb Raider. Good so far.
# 623 : Thursday 24-1-2019 @ 22:55
Super Mario on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy J7). Hard to believe I first played this 30 years ago!
# 624 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 12:11
The bfs got me Spider Man for Christmas... I'm not a gamer but was a huge comics fan as a teen and maaaaaaaan is this game fun.
# 625 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 00:41
I downloaded the witcher 3 again because I missed the combat and overall world but within 5 minutes of turning it on I'm ignoring quests and giving in to my dorment Gwent addiction,God I love this game
# 626 : Tuesday 19-2-2019 @ 15:04
Had a blast playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I loved the original and this lives up to it in spades and adds tons more atmosphere. I can see myself playing through the campaign multiple times, especially if they add a decent new game plus option.
# 627 : Thursday 7-3-2019 @ 19:13
I've always been a fan of strategy type games and discovered Stellaris a while ago. As you can see from the steam screenshot, I play it a little too much

It's a good game and the developers are great for keeping it updated with new features and story packs.

# 628 : Wednesday 20-3-2019 @ 11:49
Picked up Inside Limbo. Might give it a try later. Apparently it's best to know nothing about it before you start which is good because I haven't a clue what it's about.

Edit - Just played a bit there. It's pure gik.
# 629 : Tuesday 16-7-2019 @ 18:24
Days Gone. Great so far
# 630 : Thursday 5-9-2019 @ 19:11
Haven't been at the PS4 Pro in a while. Got Final Fantasy XV second hand earlier. Just loading it up now.

I never played any of the Final Fantasy games. So hoping to become a fan.

Edit - Just finished the tutorial now!
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